Friday, June 9, 2017

Spring sprung

We survived spring! I honestly think that's a miracle that we survived it so well. First we had to plant the garden....

 (in jammies and rainboots)
 Lot's of tinkling of the ivories...
 Yoda and a Storm Trooper were cruisin' the neighborhood....

 This little guy crawls everywhere and gets into EVERYTHING!  Don't let that innocent face fool you.
 Or this not-so-innocent face....He prepared his own lunch this day. Peanut butter and fruit snacks. I think he's on to something there.
 We were able to go to the Homestead for Trav's work retreat. We brought the kids which was fun. They had dinner on the balcony.

 We walked around, took them swimming, then Trav and I had our fancy dinner while they watched Star Wars in the room. It was a short, but fun getaway. Luckily, no dislocated elbows this time.

 The little boys have had fun playing in the sandbox.
 Jonah has his smoulder face down!

 Not too shabby playing in this foresty backyard!

 Just as a side-note....Will was playing with his buddy, Liam, in the sandbox not too long after these pictures. I went inside for a minute only to look out the window and see Will peeing IN the sandbox! I ran out there and asked him 'why on earth are you peeing in the sandbox?' He said, "It's easier to play with wet sand." Ummmm......gross. But also very creative.

 At least he wears out once in a while!

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