Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mr. Jonah

As I was taking off the pictures of the camera for November I noticed a theme....every picture was of Jonah! I'm trying to even think what we did this past month and...yep....all we did was play with this little boy and watch him grow before our eyes.  So here's some of the pictures we took of this little cutie.

Oh I did get one of Kate because she keeps losing her teeth and it's kinda cute. All she wants for Christmas......

There also was a supermoon one night. Trav tried to get pictures of it which never are as cool as the real thing. But I thought this one turned out pretty cool!
Okay, back to Jonah and his cute little overalls.

This is also the first time I captures some good smiles! That stinker hardly ever smiles for the camera!

Sucking his thumb like a boss....
Going in for the sneeze!!
And it's a wonder this little kid is so patient and so chill all the time. Constant pestering....

I did take some of his 4 month pictures with his little tie.

He's now rolling, grabbing and playing with toys and ONLY WAKING UP TWICE  A NIGHT!! (I had to shout that because this is exciting news. I can survive with was the 5 times a night I couldn't handle very well. )
He smiles all the time unless you pull the camera out and laughs at almost anything Josh says. I know Buddy, I think he's goofy too.

Love ya, Babe!