Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The baby

Last week I had to take Kate up to Primary Children's for follow-up tests on her kidneys.  When she was a baby she had some issues with her kidney's, but nothing too serious.  Since it's been a couple years we decided to see how it was coming along.  She had a VCUG (for anyone that has any idea what that is) and an ultrasound.

As soon as the ultrasound tech left the room she looked at the picture on the screen of her kidney and said, "My baby looks weird." 

Monday, February 11, 2013

My baby is 3!

Seriously, I have no idea how that happened.  This is also the biggest span I've had between kids so it's so weird to have a 3 year old baby.

  Luckily that day, Trav overslept his alarm  so we decided to have  the party in the morning before school.  Rach and Josh had gotten up before the crack of dawn (which is a miracle for these kids) because they had planned a special birthday dance they wanted to show Kate.  They were so excited!  She got to open all her presents, have pancakes with sprinkles, watch the dance and then had the whole day to play with her new toys instead of having to wait until night.  
It worked out great!

 Seriously, the cutest little thing!  I just love that girl!
 Grandma gave her a new fancy skirt and for some reason she wanted a picture with her eyes closed.  Little goober.
 That night for dinner I said she could have whatever she wanted.  I was taking requests.  
 Her request?  Macaroni and Cheese and Jell-o jigglers.  Awesome.  And yes, it's green.  It totally counts as a vegetable.
 Then she got in a posey mood and was posing for all kids of pictures.  This is her new puppy, Carter, she got for her birthday.  He walks and barks and everything.
 That night we had birthday cake and ice cream.  Don't eat the candle!

 Posing with her new umbrella...
 And a picture of her skirt with her eyes open.  These are kind of out of order.  O-well.
 Then this past Saturday we decided to take up trip up to Logan-ish area and go to Hardware Ranch.  It was actually really cool and there were tons of elk there.
 We got to go on the wagon ride and the kids had a blast (despite Kate's look of boredom on her face)  As long as she had crackers she was good.

 Trav was having fun trying out the new camera and getting some close up shots. 

 By the end someone was refusing to walk.  Oh, how I love 3 year olds!  Why they call it the terrible two and not the terrible threes is beyond me. 
 Then yesterday's project Rachel has a "build your own business day" at school where they make something and then bring it to school to sale to her class.  She chose to make stressballs out of balloons and flour.  We had a whole assembly line going.  Kate chose the color of balloons, daddy filled the balloons.....

Rach put flour in the "balloon filler".....
This job doesn't come without consequences..... 
Then Josh wiped the stress-balls down and set them on the table to dry. It was a whole team effort. 

 This little monkey kept wanting me take pictures of her.  It's been a good 3 years.  The world is definitely a little spunkier, more sassy but so much better with her in it. Love you Kate.  Happy birthday!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Maughan Minute to Win It

We were in charge of the Maughan family night this past month so we decided to do minute to win it.  It was so much fun and yes, we got a lot of good blackmail pictures!  Ha ha ha!  So here's some highlights from the night.....There's the oreo-on-the-forehead-and-get-it-in-your-mouth-with-only-using-your-face-muscles game.  
A crowd favorite.

Uncle Alan tried the jump and flip it in your mouth method.
 Grandma even got into it.

 Then you had to construct the front of a cereal box cut into even pieces.  It's a lot harder than it looks to do only in a minute.

 Stack the cups, which I thought would be super easy, but nobody did it in under a minute.

 Rach was very proud when she did it, but it was well over a minute.
 There was the stack-three-golfballs-on-top-of-each-other game.  Which nobody was able to do.
 How many marshmallows can you throw into your partners mouth?  The record was 15.
 Then there's the make a smiley face out of m&m's by sucking them through a straw. 
 Trav eveantually did the 3 golfballs but it took him like 15 minutes to do.  I'm so proud!
 And now he looks like an official architect.  Look at those specs! So handsome.  And this is after years of putting off going to the eye doctor because he didn't want to feel old.  Lookin' good Trav, Lookin' good.  How many fingers am I holding up?
 We also finally got some decent snow.  Not the flaky powdery stuff but stuff you can actually build a snowman with.  So here is our totally awesome snowman which the kids painted.
 The snowman wasn't the only thing that got painted.

 Here's the masterpiece in it's finality.
 Time to take a little break for a snow snack.
 And what in the world is that?  Is that an actual sunset?  I don't think we've seen one in over a month, let alone the sky!   Winter's aren't so bad if we get one of these once in a while.  But spring.....we're ready for you.