Friday, April 29, 2016


This boy.....

He really loves raspberries. It's a good thing we have a million bushes growing in our yard this year. Maybe the rest of us will actually get some.
 I love that our kids love playing together. It is honestly the best blessing! The other day they all put on various soccer jersey's and invented some kind of game to go along with it. Cuties.

 I especially loved William's gown...oh....I mean..."shirt"
 He also LOVES helping daddy. He is the best helper we've got and always looking for ways to help. I love that about him. Here he's helping daddy with the new floors. I'm going to do a separate post on these blessed floors when they get all the way done....but here's just a little taste.
 They all had their own tape measures (sized accordingly) and they thought they were totally awesome.....which they were totally right.
 Then mommy had a birthday!!! Holy cow I'm getting old! Many days I'm feeling it too. It was an absolutely un-extraordinary , normal, boring day. Which is totally fine. That's what happens when you're a mom. But that night Trav came home a little early and we had our "party." I got to open my presents.
 Will's facial expressions are the best in these pictures.

 I got a nice, portable lounge chair! You never know when you need to lounge.

 I'm liking it already!
 Then we went out to dinner, then to the Leonardo Museum (which I'd never been to). It was really awesome and apparently Leonardo da Vinci and I share a birthday so they were passing out free birthday cake there. That was awesome.

We then had to come home and eat some more cake. I mean...I don't think the baby had any of the earlier cake so I didn't want him to miss out.

 Not only are our wood floors wonderful, but we got a perk that we didn't even realize from them as well. They are packaged with these foam-strip-things that are apparently the best toy to play with (if you ask my kids) They have spent many hours playing with those things. Some of these pictures are blurry but I think they're funny so I'm putting them on anyway.

 Ha ha! Will!!

 Hours.....really.....of doing this....
 Somebody does eventually wear out.
 We also were able to get around to planting our garden!
 It's good we have so many helpers!
 Rach was our planter.
 Kate was the coverer of seeds.
 Josh was the row-stick placer, and daddy was the overseer. I was (obviously) the photographer. This is when Will was snoozing on the couch, so his job was to hold the fort down.
Speaking of Will.....he had a birthday too!!! My baby boy is now 3 years old. Holy schmoley!!! He requested for his cake: chocolate with orange frosting. He also wanted to put the sprinkles on.
 With a little help.
 He just dumped the whole thing on.
 At least he likes it!!
 He's trying to hold up 3 fingers. Easier said than done.
 He loved his door decorations.
 And the hall decorations. He pretty much loves everything....
 He requested chicken nuggets, french fries and salad for dinner. (Exactly the same thing he had for lunch....minus the salad)
 When daddy finally got home that night it was present time!!!

 Now he can be an official helper with his own toolbelt and tools. He has used it several times in the past week and a half.
 Every time he'd get a new present he'd stop and pose for a picture. Where would he get an idea like that?
 He got a new umbrella!
 And yes, he was able to lift the biggest present of all.
 This is probably my favorite picture of the day: a room full of new toys and he's playing with the bubble wrap. Classic.
 Testing out the new belt....
 Totally awesome.
 The big present was a scooter. He did the first test run inside.
 But by far his favorite gift was his "Mmmm Mmmmm blankey." (yes, he named it that). We wrapped up his favorite blankey that he can't sleep without and he thought it was so funny. Every time anyone has asked him about his birthday he tells them that he got his Mmmm Mmm blankey.
 He decided to try the scooter outside. I have never seen a more cautious rider! He was inching along, and I'm pretty sure I saw a snail race right past him. I'm glad that he's cautious though....but I don't think it'll last forever.

 Josh was always right there "just in case." Big brothers are the best.

 Then it was time to try that delicious orange/sprinkly cake!

 He also got a present from his buddy, Jack. Some new crayons that he had to try out. It was a great birthday!!
 And just some proof of the torture we put Rachel though so she never forgets:
Rach....someday you'll get to inflict the same torture to your kids. Just let me enjoy it for a little while.