Sunday, June 11, 2017

Josh's 10th birthday!!

The big 1-0.That's how old my little boy is (although he's not so little anymore.) But I do have to say that he had an AMAZING birthday!

 We let him open 1 present before school....
 The long-awaited fidget spinner,
 and speed rubicks cube.
 He knew it was going to be a party kind of day.
 Cinnamon rolls with sprinkles for breakfast,

For lunch I got to go have lunch with him at school for the birthday table. It's awesome it was on the actual day! Then, being a Friday, it was early out day. Rach had her DARE Lagoon day so we decided to go meet up with her there. So we went to Lagoon!

We rushed home, made some last minute preparations for the party....

 Then we let him open the rest of his presents...

 The big one was a basketball hoop!

 Then it was time to party! I just love Josh's group of friends. They are the cutest boys. When planning the party I asked Josh if he wanted some games and he said "No, we'll just play." And they did!

 I had to pry them away to eat pizza.

 Then we did presents (again)
 Jonah likes fidget spinners too....

 We had cake (but I had to pry him away from one of his new presents to do it)

 Jonah knew he was missing out on something good.
After cake they played some more, until it got dark. Then we did an outdoor movie, Lego Batman. It was such a fun, but exhausting day. Couldn't have had a better celebration for a better boy. Happy Birthday Josh!! Welcome to the double digits club!

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  1. Apparently it's been a while since I saw your blog!! I just got all caught up :) and that makes me happy. I am LOVING the ones of Jonah with the sticker ties! How cute! And is it okay that I wish I was in your family? You guys have such a fun life! I know it's just pictures, but I seriously would love to be a fly on the wall in the Maughan house!