Monday, April 18, 2011

Another year older

It's true.  I have officially entered the last year of my "young adulthood"  I turned 29 a few days ago and once I hit 30 it's all downhill from there.  I did have a wonderful birthday though despite my feeling really old.  As soon as the kids woke up Rachel said mom  you can't come in the office, I have to work on something.  So she went in the office and closed the door.  She'd come out every few minutes to get some supplies:  crayons, scissors, glue, but then she'd go right back in and close the door.  After about 20 minutes she emerged but wouldn't show me what she'd been working on.  Then after about an hour she couldn't stand it anymore and had to show me. This was her gift to me, and let's just say that I LOVED it!
Honestly I have no idea why it's sideways but I don't know how to fix it.  She had drawn me 2 pictures:  a rainbow and one of our family by a castle.  She made me 3 presents and a countdown chain (I'm still not sure for what)  She was so proud and what a fun surprise!

This next one is the only picture we actually got of me on my birthday.  Here's me opening present #2.

Which was.... a specially designed family night planning thing. (Is that the technical term?)
Now I know why it smelled like burning wood when I came home from work last week.  
And last, but definitely not least I got a double jogging stroller!  I have wanted one for a long time so this was an awesome surprise!  Now I have to actually get my butt in gear and jog.....and figure out how to put the wheel on because this is the only way it fits in the garage: front wheel off and folded neatly in the corner. It looks much cooler all put together and I know the kids are going to love it as much as me!

On a different note, last week we went to Wheeler Farm with my sister.  It was "spring break" with
not-so-springish weather.  Kate looks cute all bundled with her elephant ears.
 They loved feeding the horses and Jack (my nephew) about got his fingers bitten off but that didn't stop him from trying.  Josh wouldn't even get close enough to tempt the horses.

 We also had a fun Easter egg hunt at our neighbors house. 
 And then it snowed again.  Snow in April?  Come on!

 I seriously can't get enough of this little face.  She's in the super-tricky-busy-wants-to-walk-everywhere-unless-you're-trying-to-get-something-done-then-she-wants-to-be-held stage.  Don't we all love that stage?  At least she's cute.
 And here's another one to give you some nightmares.  I think this is the reason Trav gave me the jogging stroller.  Maybe he's giving me a hint.  What do you think?

Monday, April 4, 2011


Conference weekend is wonderful.  Even though I don't really get to hear all of the talks between working on Saturdays and 3 little monkeys running around, and yes I have to admit...the soothing calming voices of all the general authorities that somehow just lulls you to sleep.  It is still wonderful.  Every time someone new came up and their name would flash across the bottom of the screen the kids would ask who it was.  By the Sunday morning session they recognized the first presidency.  I was so proud until President Uctdorf got up and Josh called him Count Dooku (Star Wars fans anyone?)  And Count Dooku is a bad guy.  Then he got confused and said "No it's President Dooku, no Count Uctdorf"  We were laughing so hard, and he was having the hardest time remembering.  We kept telling him President Uctdorf, but we'll have to see if he remembers either next time we watch Star Wars or next time we see President Uctdorf. 

Then we had muffins for breakfast yesterday morning. Josh said loud and proud "Muffins are for tough guys!"  We should make him a t-shirt that says that on it or something.  He definitely keeps us laughing....when he's not torturing his sisters.
 Okay, I had to throw in a couple of the other two.  Kate has discovered the sandbox and LOVES it.  Bear Lake is going to be awesome this year.

 Rach had "Pirate Day" at school this past week.  This is the best pirate outfit that we could come up with.  But it's all about the attitude, right?  She's right on target for that.

 And this little cutie always smiles like this.  She crinkles up her nose when she thinks she's especially funny, like when she says "Rock-a-bye"  She doesn't know that the reason we all laugh when she says it is because it's so stinkin cute and she says it perfectly.  You wouldn't expect it out of a body so small.  But now she says it as a joke and she thinks she's so funny.  I love the little crinkly smile.  Now if we could only grow some hair.....