Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy Bees and a Baptism!

We are certainly enjoying our summer so far. It feels like we haven't really done anything, but then I go back and look through the pictures and we've done a ton!   I can't believe it's half over already.  We've really loved these few rainy days we've been having.
 Somebody likes his big sister...This boy smiles all the time now and laughs only when he's in the tub and I'm washing the palm of his hands.  He laughs like crazy when I do that, but then no matter how many silly faces we pull...he just stares at us. 
 And sometimes he just plays until he can't keep his eyes open anymore....
 Yeah, this receipt was as tall as Rach.....you should see the pile of food that accompanies it.
 The good life.
 We do have some new members in our family:  Finn and Minnie.  Josh filled up his warm fuzzy jar and wanted to get fish.
 We also had a crazy storm that blew our healthiest, biggest Aspen tree down.  We're lucky it didn't land on the house!

 For the 4th of July we ate lots of watermelon.
 Got really excited about the corn,
 Watched a parade,
 in our red, white and blue duds.

 We came home and played in the stream,

(One of us didn't)  But he sure looks handsome.
 We swam in the pool,
 And went down the slip n slide.  Some more gracefully than others...

 And after a hard days work, just relaxed in the pool.
 We also went to my parents cabin over one of these weekends.  It was Will's first trip up there.
Here's one of the boys on the deck.
 We got some good 4-wheeling in.

 And some good reading too.
 Trav took Rach and Josh to Lagoon.  Looks like one of them is having fun.
 And last but not least.....Rachel got baptized! 

It was such a fun and special day.  We're so proud of her and so happy for the choice that she made.  Congrats Rach!