Friday, June 23, 2017

Last day of school!!

One thing I LOVE about having my kids share rooms is the 1-on-1 time they get with each other. I can't tell you how many times we've "put the kids to bed" only to hear talking a few minutes later and me poking my head in to find this....
 Will and Josh snuggled on the top bunk and Josh reading stories to Will. They are the sweetest!
 Jonah likes to help Kate practice the piano.

 And Miss Rachel had her 6th grade dance! Holy schmoley! That makes me old! We got her a new dress for the occasion and you could tell she felt as beautiful as she looked. She had such a fun time at the dance! (She did wear cuter shoes but I made her walk home so she brought these to walk in)

 This sweet boy took a bad tumble down the stairs on the last day of school. It's the first time I've taken a kid to instacare after a stair fall (they all have one). But when your baby has bloody tears, has a giant gooseegg, and then you can't keep them awake...that's when it's serious. Thankfully, he perked right up when we got there and there was no real damage. Poor little guy. You can tell the headache has set in.

 But before the scary fall we had the last day of school for these munchkins!
 I think they're excited for summer break.

 Bye bye 4th grade!

 See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya, 1st grade!

 No more recess, no more elementary school for this one! AHHHH!!
 They had an awesome graduation and DARE assembly on the last day. Smarty Farty got all kinds of awards: She won the DARE coloring contest, Physical Fitness National Award, and Academic Gold. She's a well-rounded individual and I'm SO proud of her and all her hard work. She did awesome!!

 Rach and her buddy, Elise.
 Monique, Rachel and Elise
 Rachel and Bradley

 Officer Stanford (the DARE officer)
 Mrs. Downs, her amazing 6th grade teacher.

We had to pull out Josh's new water boxing to help pass the hot summer days.

 And for some strange reason I feel like I just can't keep up on the housework....

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Soccer wrap up

As much as I LOVE soccer, and especially watching my kids play soccer....I'm not going to's nice to have our Saturday's back. Here's some pictures of the final games....

Speedy Josh with his mad dribbling skills....
Rach was being so UN-aggressive one of the games. It was driving me insane to watch. She told me that she was being aggressive but I have the picture to prove her wrong!
She totally ducked out of the way of the ball!  Bah!!!
The good news it that for 2 weekends Rachel and Josh had games at the exact same time on the fields right next to each other. We just sat in the middle and watched both at the same time. It was awesome!!!
Josh's very last game he got to play against his good buddies. Here he is with Cruz and Cooper.
Cooper and Nick...
It was a fun game and we totally creamed them.

They didn't get an official team picture so we took our own.

It was a fun season for Josh. He had a great team and he improved a lot too!

Now back to Rach.  This girl has got some really good skills and can kick really well but she's pretty timid on the field. If she could add aggression to that small frame she could kick butt! So, her last game, she was playing defense as usual. Her team was killin' it so they kept pulling the defense up pretty far. She was near the half field line when the ball was rolling to her perfectly, like you love it to do. She kicked that ball so high and so hard it sailed OVER the goalie's head and she scored!!! It was the most amazing shot!!! This smile shows you how she couldn't even believe it went in!!
That got some fire in her belly and she did great!
In rolls the storm on a double field day.
Apparently I didn't get pictures of Kate this time but she did amazing as well! I love that my kids love soccer so much.