Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines out the ears

Okay, to start us off today here is a picture of our yard after that big snow last week.  Our stream is still gorgeous in the snow.  Anyone want to go swimming?  

 And I just can't get enough of this little (okay it's pretty chubby) face.  I'm sure going to miss it when we're in Disneyland!  Only 3 more days......not that I'm counting or anything.

 Valentine's day was great this year.  I had to work that night but we still had fun and celebrated.  (okay people, just because it's Valentine's doesn't mean you have to tip bad) Trav went and picked Rachel up from school and she had gotten about a million treats from her Valentine's party.  So she decided to line up all her treats to see what she got.....

It started in the bedroom......

Went down the hall.....

 And into the kitchen....

 Those of you that have been to my house know that this isn't a tiny little hallyway. It's actually pretty long and these candies were lined up neck and neck.  It'll be a miracle if we get through this without any cavities.

If their teeth aren't clean at least their bodies will be.  Also when I was at work (there seems to be a trend here) the kids decided to take a deluxe bubble bath.  I think it's 30% water and 70% bubbles.  But they sure had fun!

 Don't forget the beards.....
 Hmmmmm, what is this funny stuff?

 Mental note, don't eat the funny stuff!

 Then on that gorgeous Sunday we had a couple weeks ago we took a lovely walk to the ponds.  Of course Rach and Josh had to find the biggest sticks they could carry and yes, carry them with them the whole time. 

And you are probably thinking.....gorgeous...what's with all the snow?  Oh no!  That is not snow it's the fuzzies off of the cattails.  It looks like snow though!

 There were lots of hungry geese and ducks there so we helped feed them.

I love that this is within walking distance from our house.  We had such a blast and told our tired kids we were training our legs for Disneyland.  When I suggested a walk the next day they replied with a groan, "We already did that.  We don't need to do it again."  I guess walking is one of those things you don't need to practice. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

My baby's not a baby!

Kate turned one yesterday!  Is it just me or was this past year the fastest one we've had so far?  
Well, we'll get to that in just a minute.  First things first here's a few random photos.  

Joshy's "thing" lately is to take his shirt off and say as loud as he can "I'm a man!"  Okay, I know he didn't get that from me, I'm just getting a little curious to what goes on Saturday nights when I'm at work?  And although he insists, no Josh, I don't want to be "a man" too.

Don't you just want to start singing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam?" when you look at this picture?  I do!

 For family night a few weeks ago we pulled out our new game we got for Christmas.  Twister.  Yes, Kate was even in on it too.  Josh dropped out after one game, he couldn't spread his little legs that far.

 Here's another thing Trav gave to my kids......sticking their tongues out while concentrating, especially when coloring or writing.  Trav ALWAYS does that! (and he's an architect so I'm thinking there's a lot of tongue sticking out at work?) But now the kids are in school and drawing more they both do it all the time too.  It's a good thing he doesn't have habit of picking his nose or farting or's just move on.......

I just had to throw this one in.  What a little cutie, and you can see 2 of her teeth really good.  The grand total is now 6 beautiful teeth!
 Well, when it comes to birthday's I know I've said this before.  I am NOT creative.  I love birthdays, I love celebrating them, but sorry kids you will never get a super-cool totally awesome birthday cake from me (Julianne, thanks for setting the bar so high). So my specialty is funfetti and I just might color the frosting and put sprinkles on it.  But now Rach and Josh are old enough they can help decorate too!  I found these cool food coloring markers that worked great so the kids decorated the sides of the cake for me.  Maybe next year I'll just leave the whole thing to them.

 Notice the balloons, hearts and the messages of "I love you" on the sides?  Awesome.

And now we've made it to the birthday!  Yes it was on Superbowl Sunday, and did I even know who was playing?  Nope, and I'm okay with that.  This party was much more fun.  We had both sets of grandparents and my sister and her little boy, Jack, over for dinner.  It was so great to have everyone there to celebrate.  After dinner Kate got her very own birthday cake (I know I actually made 3 cakes, look how cool I am now!)

Anyone want to give me a kiss?

Maybe if I just lick the cake I can get more in my mouth.....

 I think I'll just have to pick the whole thing up and dump it in my mouth....that's the most efficient way!

Wow, I think I've had a little bit too much sugar.  I'm starting to feel a little funny....

After a quick, or not so quick, wash we got to open presents! She got a totally awesome stash, especially for someone that really doesn't need anything.  Pretty much everything she got was loud, lights up and played music.  Good thing she loves to dance!

Maybe Kate will be mine after all, no more getting all the traits from Trav.  This girl is a book worm.  Come on baby, stay on team Em......

And here's some last pictures of Kate with grandma and grandpa Maughan.

And grandma and grandpa Schick.

Now if only Kate could play with her new toys.......

  Happy Birthday baby!  I love you!