Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bear Lake

Okay, here we go again! Here's our cute little Kate who is growing by the minute.

We spent this past week in Bear Lake for the Maughan family reunion. I am so lucky to have the best in-laws of all time. We had the best time and stayed up so late playing games and laughing. Here's a few highlights of the week. This picture was after Josh's 3rd twinkie.

Here's some little baby toes in the sand.

Here's Kate playing with her cute cousin Kalli. Yes she is bundled up because it was freezing cold that day and even rained. Don't worry, we still spent the entire day at the beach, rain or shine.

We built lots of sandcastles.....

Josh played with the boats and trucks.....

One of the days we went up to Bloomington Lake. We went last year too but I didn't get to go off the rope swing because I was pregnant. I wanted to so bad because it looked like so much fun. So we went again this year. If you've ever been to Bloomington you'll know what I'm talking about....

Last year the rope swing was big and you could start from higher up to get a big swing, or start from lower down if you didn't want quite a ride, but either way it would shoot you clear out into the freezing water. Well....this year that swing had been cut down and someone put it on the other side of the tree. This side of the tree has one spot to go off from which was pretty high and was a narrow opening to jump through. It really didn't shoot you out into to lake too far and there were lots of rocks in the water so it was a little trickier this year. It was kind of scary but I still wanted to do it. Here is a picture of Trav doing the swing...very graceful yes.....

And here's one of me....

Not so graceful. Notice all the rocks? Well, almost as soon as I had taken off, my hands slipped off the rope. At least I did land in the water, but remember how I said it was shallow and there were lots of rocks? Luckily my foot stopped the fall. I know it could have been a lot worse but it resulted in a broken toe and a horrible bruise on my foot to the point where it felt better to walk tiptoe on the broken toe than to walk normally. more wakeboarding for me.

The picture doesn' t look too bad, but it is after 4 days of healing. No more wakeboarding, but that doesn't mean I can't tube! It was Josh's 1st year doing the tube and he liked it!

It's swamp thing!

And a vacation isn't complete without a good book. Okay y'all whose read the Hunger Games? This was book 2 and I couldn't put it down. Only 2 more weeks for book 3.......
I love Bear Lake, the raspberry shakes, the sand, sun, wakeboarding, tubing and everything else in between.

Friday, August 6, 2010

fun fun fun!

Is summer almost over? I think I blinked and that was that. It's good we've had a lot of fun. This past week was my family reunion. It was a stay-cation to do some things we don't get to do around here too much. We had a tour of the conference center from my mom who is a host missionary there.

We also spent a night at Little America. It was totally worth it alone for the pool access and to see my kids turn from being totally afraid of the water, to fish. I was so proud of them and by the end they jumped in all by themselves and went all the way under. This is a milestone at the Maughan household.

We liked the super-cozy beds and staying up late watching nature shows too.

Kate had a good time at this is the place heritage park (even though it was like a thousand degrees).

But I have to admit that the highligt was Cherry Hill. Since that's only like 2 minutes away from my house I'm going to have to invest in season passes in the future. Woot woo swimsuit girl! It was so fun to see my sisters and their families to to just be bums for a few days.

This is what happens when you leave the room for a few minutes and think to yourself, "It's so nice that Kate isn't really mobile yet...I wonder when we'll have to start baby-proofing the house?"

She rolled across the room to get a watercolor picture Josh had done. He was in tears. I hope it's non-toxic.

Then on the 24th we decided to do a family hike up Centerville canyon. There was tons of posion ivy and we even saw a rattlesnake. A family friendly hike for sure.

If you get offended by nudity you better stop reading now. This is what happens when I bring up the wrong underwear for Josh to wear. Notice how they are thrown in the background. All the superhero squad ones were in the wash and The Incredibles just wouldn't do. He's really wierd when it comes to clothes. I hope it's not a bad sign for the future......this tantrum lasted at least 30 minutes. I thought the girls were supposed to be the drama queens?

And last but not least we did our first family camping trip. We went up Farmington Canyon. We had a blast despite a million bugs. The highlight was playing in the tent and a hike up to the beaver ponds. Kate had the best time. I think she'll be a hiker when she gets bigger because she laughed the whole time we were hiking.