Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Well, we are getting ready for "the big day."  You know, Christ's birthday.  That's what I'm talking about.  So here's just some pictures of decorating the tree...

 The kids were all fighting on who got to put the star on top.  Kate won the fist fight so she tried first...
 She couldn't get it to stay so Josh won the arm wrestle and he tried next....
 It didn't work for him either so Rachel won the body slam and tried it....
 No can do.  So after being beaten up by all the kids Trav got to put the star on top.
 The finished product....
 A bunch of crazies
 Here's a picture right after church on Sunday.  Yes, Kate insists on wearing a spring dress.  At least she let's us put a shirt underneath.
 These 2 cuties were reading "by the light of the Christmas tree."
 We went outside for a family photo shoot.  These are some of the rejects for our Christmas card. I'm amazed how well they turned out considering we just had a tripod.  We do have an awesome backdrop of a backyard.

 Such a handsome boy who is getting WAY too big.This is the first time he wore his "suit."

I think we're ready.  Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

What do you think?

I've been meaning to post this picture for a long time.  For those of you that say, "I'm not sure who William looks like."  Here's a clue.  Here's a picture taken back in 1976....

And here's one of Will taken a few weeks ago.  You be the judge (and no I wasn't born in 1976)  I have a feeling he's  going to look like his daddy.

 And here a just some more random pictures that I've been slacking on posting.  Our first snow and first snowman of the season...
 Someone loves his exersaucer.....
 This girl is just cute when she's not causing trouble...I'm not sure why her neck is so shiny.
 Josh started playing basketball!  This is his first year and he loves it. 

 And all of Thanksgiving I forgot to take pictures until we came home and were getting ready for bed.  So here's my only Thanksgiving pictures with our thankful turkey as a backdrop.  There's 5 turkey's that I'm thankful for....
 Then everyone wanted pictures with William.  Man, you'd think he was a celebrity the way he's treated around here.

 Always with the 2 fingers..
 The day after thanksgiving we went on a little hike.  Kate tried on the backpack just for size.

 I think Will is relieved that daddy's carrying him and not Kate.

 We stopped frequently for snacks...

 Of course as we were coming back down someone was running and couldn't stop. It's good there was some mud to stop the fall.  I could have been worse.
 And daddy, Josh, Rachel and Grandpa Maughan went fishing too and they caught lots of fish!

It was an awesome holiday weekend.  I'm so sad to see it go but we have some great memories!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Halloween is always so much fun.  But to get ready for the big day, there are some things we have to do.  First of all, we have to rake leaves.  We have an overabundance of leaves.  This pile was just from "round one." 

Next, we had to carve our pumpkins.
 When Josh was cleaning out his pumpkin he thought it was cool that almost his whole arm fit inside.  All the way up to his elbow!
 The finished products....
 We had several Halloween parties that we went to, which are always fun.  I just snapped some shots of the kids before going to one.  I kept yelling at Kate to come take some pictures but she wouldn't come.  Come to find out she had buckled herself in her carseat and was waiting in the car to go.  Oops.  So we didn't get any of her here. 

But for our costumes we had a totally awesome Ninja....
 And the cutest little cheerleader...
 I just realized we didn't ever get a shot with our whole family.  Will was asleep during this picture.  O-well.  Kate was a duck and Trav and I were zombies...
 Here's grandma and grandpa with the grandkids that could come.
 I'm just telling you now....don't mess with me.

 Eating doughnuts on the porch.
 I love how Will is just looking at Daddy in this one.  You wonder what is running through his mind.
 Now we're back to our house and a little duck helped me rake some more leaves.
 Will in his Halloween jammies and Kate in her Halloween shirt which she wore at least 4 times a week the past month.  She's still begging to wear it and I don't know if I have the heart to tell her 'no.' 
 Here's the one and only shot we got of just Will as the cutest little polar bear.
 Kate's been talking about being a duck for months now.  She was so excited to say "Quack or treat!"  When we came home from trick or treating she said very sadly, "Oh no!  I'm going to have to be a duck again next year.  I forgot to say quack-or-treat!"  She said "trick or treat" all night long and totally forgot about her plan.  So disappointing!
 Right before heading off into the world of trick or treating...
 Here's a really scary/gross picture of me on Halloween night.  I hope William's not scarred for life with parents like us.