Monday, September 12, 2016

Seriously Soccer

Soccer season is now in session which means that the Maughans will not be home on Saturdays. But it is totally worth it because these games are SO much fun! Josh's team this year is named the "Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies"......yeah....I don't know.....but they're a really great team. Josh even scored a goal his first game with 1 second left in the game. It was awesome! Here's Mr. Tough guy as we speak.

 Kate is on the Green Frogs team. They are seriously so cute!
 It's fun to have one of her BFF's, Morgan, on the team too.

 This girl is used to dominating the field

 But she isn't used to dealing with goalies so she actually didn't score this game!
This is how she feels about it....

 She also attempted to be goalie for the very first time too. It's nice she has someone coaching her how to do it.

 She's totally ready....

 And a save!!

 Rachel's team is named the Shooting Stars and she is one tough defender.

 And this is pretty much what William, Jonah and I do while everyone else is at school (and Will isn't playing with his buddies)

 I almost captured a smile!

 Bless you!
 Nice snot bubble, dude.
 This is a tower Will and I built. Pretty awesome!

Back to School and Jonah's Blessing

School has finally begun! I think we were all  ready for it this year.

 Mr. Josh is in 4th grade with Mrs. Langford as his teacher.

 Ms. Rachel rules the school in 6th grade in Mrs. Downs class.

 Sweet Kate is in Mrs. Burns 1st grade class and is gone all day now! She does love having 3 recesses and eating lunch at school, but it's weird having her gone all the time.

 Mr. William isn't in school (he'd actually have to be potty trained for that, and leave his burpy home) but he did insist on getting his picture taken.

 It is rough being a 3 year old. Sometimes he just passes out right where he's at.
 I also realized that I don't have a cute picture of all my kids together! So before church one day I made everyone huddle together so I could get my picture. They look cute, but .......I need one wall worthy. I don't think we're there yet. But I am glad I finally got one of my 5 (I still can't believe I have 5) kids!

 We did have a good garden crop this year though!

  A few weeks ago we had a big boundary re-alignment in our stake and our poor ward got chopped in half. We're now in the Ponds Park ward. I think it will be good, but I'm still kinda sad about the whole situation. The second week of being in our new ward we had Jonah's baby blessing! He was 1 of 3 babies being blessed that day so it was a little crazy, but it was a wonderful, special day too. We had awesome support from the family and we ditched out on the rest of church to come have breakfast at our house. It was a really awesome meeting.

 Jonah with his grandmas.
 Unfortunately, our kids can change their clothes in about as long as it takes to blink, so our family pictures consist of tie dye, and basketball shorts. But that is an accurate portrayal of us.

 Poor Jonah tuckered out with all the commotion so his photo shoot was done while he was sleeping.

 Gosh, I sure love this little guy. He looks pretty snappy in his little tux too.

 Later that Sunday afternoon, several men from the family were missing. I went down by the creek to find this.....
 Trav, Will and Jonah had all taken a nap in the hammock.

 Not too high off the ground.....

 Trav has also been working (not on Sunday) really hard on the backyard. It's looking really good! And he accepts help from little helpers when he can get it.

 Lion King....
 And a little bit of sass.....

 I loved this picture because this is how Josh always sits when he practices the piano, and Will was doing his Saturday job of dusting at the same time. Love these little boys of mine!