Friday, March 31, 2017

8 months

This little guy has seriously stolen my heart. He is the sweetest, happiest, mosh chill little man ever! He doesn't necessarily love getting his monthly pictures taken with the sticker tie though. Can you blame him?

 Yes, he's in the stage where EVERYTHING goes in his mouth.

 Doesn't taste too good....
 My attempt at getting a picture where you can actually see the sticker. Ha ha!
 I give up. Let's just get some shots of those baby blues.

 (And dimples)

 He is SO close to crawling! It's making me sad how fast he's growing up. I just want to keep him like this for a few years. We can do that, right?

 Then the kids came home from school so we attempted the sticker again.
 It kind of looks like he has a mullet in this one....

 Oh the irony...

 And of course if Josh is in the room he's all smiles...
 Looking at his brother....

 I spy some teeth in there too! He has a grand total of 4.

 Man I love that kid!
  We also go to go to the amazing 1st grade program. Kate was the cutest little Egret I've ever seen! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a very clear picture of her because I was far away.

 "And it doesn't hurt to have feathers and wings!"
 Speaking of feathers and wings....the hawks are back and nesting in our yard!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Antelope Island and #41

Reading books to little brothers can be more challenging than thought.....

Use the force, Jonah!
 For FHE last week we knew we needed an outing (and wanted to beat the bugs) so we headed out to Antelope Island. Here's most of the group...

Will was too busy taking his shoes off and then putting them back on to be a part of the picture.
 We timed it just right to be there for the sunset and it was GORGEOUS that night.
 Some of the kids wanted to walk down to the water, but Kate, Jonah and I decided to stay back. It was kind of a far walk.
 Trav got a picture of me getting a picture of them.
 And then he got some gorgeous shots of the Island at sunset.

 It's fun that we live so close to somewhere so serene and quiet. I wish our yard was that quiet.

Then Trav celebrated the big 4-1! It's a bummer that he still had to go to work and we didn't have too much time to celebrate but I still hope he felt special. The kids were DYING to have him open presents. So as soon as he came home from work....

 I love how they're all huddled around.

 Current family favorite. Even on daddy's birthday.

The kids helped decorate his cake with 41 candles :)

 We did get to go out to dinner that night...kid free...which doesn't happen very often. But the worst gift he got was a "rock chip" as he was coming home from work that day.
 We're never get too crazy with St. Patty's day but Trav did leave out a pot of gold (and I did get to pinch a couple kids who weren't wearing green on their jammies). Good times!