Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter 2017

I LOVE Easter! I love the eggs, baskets, bunny, candy, Easter egg hunts, getting together with family...the whole sha-bang. But I love, most of all, thinking about our Savior and all He has done for little old me. I love going to church and feeling the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. 
I just LOVE it! 

So they day before Easter we knew we needed to dye the Easter eggs so we could eat them on the big day. I love dying eggs too.

 It also happened to be my birthday the day before Easter. Typically, that would be amazing. But unfortunately for me...I woke up sicker than a dog on my birthday. Like....temperature of 103.5 sick. The boys had gone camping so I was planning on taking the girls (and Jonah) out to breakfast. We had an entire amazing day planned of soccer, Lagoon, presents, was going to be epic. But when I couldn't even get out of bed and all the plans went kaputt.....the day had something different planned.

I slept ALL day. Rach was sweet enough to make some muffins after the disappointment of not going out to breakfast. Then I went back to bed. Kate had her first soccer game of the year which we went to, then finally the boys got back. After going to Josh's game...I was completely wiped out. Back to bed for me! I did manage to climb out to open presents. So here's all the pictures we got.

 The presents were amazing. Everyone was SO sweet in taking care of me...but I still felt bad that I couldn't do any of the fun plans we had. No dinner, no Lagoon. I didn't even want cake. That's how you know it's serious! But I do have the sweetest family for letting me just be sick and recover, and go to bed for the night by 7:00pm.

The next morning we woke up and the Easter bunny had come! We did get the kids some amazing jackets (except Rach, who didn't want one)
 Then it was outside for the egg hunt!

 Uggg...yeah. I still was VERY sick this day too. You can tell. But R2D2 still likes me.

 A wookie in the forest....

 They came in to see the stash.

 And here's their cute Star Wars jackets we got them.

 We have a storm trooper.....
 And sweet little R2D2....
 I couldn't go to church either. But I didn't drag myself out of bed to make it to Young women's. I'm SO glad I at least got to go for that. After that my meds started kicking in so we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and an egg hunt!

 Everyone but the Roberts were able to be there.

Although it's not necessarily how I would have chosen to spend my birthday or turned out to be really nice. I'm SO blessed in my life with my sweet family, and the knowledge I have of my Savior, the resurrection, and His love for me. 

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wheeler Farm

For spring break we just hung around home but one of the best things we did (besides going to the dentist) was going to Wheeler Farm with the Maynes! When I originally suggested going to the farm they all individually begged for me to invite the Maynes to go. Everything is always better with them. So to the farm we went!

First we fed the ducks.....

 I can't stop laughing at Will and how much like a little old man he looks (and acts)

 I love the colorful wood barns to get individual pictures by. Luckily, my kids know that this is a requirement for a visit to the farm and they don't complain too much. They always turn out so dang cute too!

 Josh found a "wild" snake
 Cute friends, Josh and Noah.
They're all so funny. The Maynes are trained just like our kids too. You find something cool to climb on, and then wait for the picture to happen.

 It was happening all over the place. Good thing Wheeler Farm is like the best place for this to happen.
 The old hen house I played in as a kid is still standing!

 It's always more fun to go to the outhouse in pairs!

 I was a little worried Will would actually "use" the outhouse
 Come on me some love!

 Jonah finally woke up so I needed to get him in the mix too.

 I hit a weird setting so the coloring is off, but it's still cute of these two.
 And they have some amazing wood carvings out of tree stumps there! Those were new!

Spring break you were good to us!