Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall at Snowbasin

We knew we needed some major outdoor time with how gorgeous this fall has been so far. So to Snowbasin we went!

Everyone Jump!

 Will's perfect little seat chair.

 I think Trav saw something in the forest....he looks pretty worried.

 It was just a monkey in the trees...

 I think this picture looks like one of those fake backgrounds. Too bad I didn't realize how gorgeous it would be. I would have dressed everyone up and made them comb their hair or something.

 Watch the progression in these next few pictures. Ha ha!

 Jonah got her!

 It was really cold and unfortunately Jonah hit his limit. Even the giant gloves didn't help.
 Ahhh! He's reaching to me with giant crazy baby hands!

I sure love this family of mine!

Jonah's first haircut

I finally caved in and gave this boy a haircut! I don't know why it's so hard to let him grow up!! But here's the "before"  pictures. What a cheese-ball.

 He really wouldn't smile normal. He pulled this face every time I tried to take a picture.
 And the "after."

 And now he looks like a teenager.
 He's always trying to open the doors so I had to capture him not letting daddy in.
 I think he likes is!

 We also just had a wonderful general conference. I love just laying around listening to the voice of the Lord.

 I don't think these two are going to make it...

 And a couple more for the road. Jonah getting into trouble (again). I'm not even surprised where I find him anymore.