Monday, May 23, 2016

TTM, Mother's day, soccer, and a lot of other random stuff....

This is seriously a picture purge of pictures I want to keep, but they are all very random. So buckle up, here we go! This first one is a picture of William at playgroup. It was the day after his birthday and we were celebrating with cookies. I just can't resist that little face.

 Mr. Josh graduated from wolves and is now officially a Bear in cub scouts. I love that he loves scouts so much.
 Kate and I went on a mommy/daughter date and went bowling. She claims it was her first time going. I honestly can't remember the last time we she might be right. We had SO much fun! I love our dates.
 Kate is such a good big sister. She is always willing to read to her little partner in crime now that she's an avid reader. I also love how much all of my kids love books!
 We have this deal where if someone scores a goal in soccer then we can go out to ice cream afterward. In the past this hasn't been that big of a deal. We'd go out once, maybe twice a season. But now that Kate plays soccer and scores at least one goal in every single game we are regulars at Dairy Queen. I'm not complaining (but Will does go a little crazy)....

 For some other news.....our school (Columbia Elementary) was in a math competition for the month of March. March Math Madness for TTM (Think Through Math). Not only did they quickly become the number one school in Utah, but they also got the national title too!! They all worked SO hard: going to school early for TTM Cafe, staying after school late, and working on math lessons when they got home from school because they wanted to win. I was so shocked at the excitement that was going through the school every time I went there and all of the talk was about math. How crazy is that?!? I've never seen kids so fired up about that kind of thing.

They had a big assembly where all the kids got t-shirts and medals, and they pretty much screamed the whole time. It was really fun.
 Here's my little math champions....

 With their support crew....
 Little did we know that Rachel actually got an individual award for being one of the top 7, 5th graders. Luckily, my buddy, Christa, snapped a picture for us because we were totally unprepared. Way to go Rach!!!
 Here's Rachel's class with the national trophy. (Unfortunately we didn't get one of Josh's class) I'm so proud of my little Mathletes.
 We also finally signed the kids up for piano lessons. It's only been a couple weeks, but so far so good! They all sound great and are making good progress. I love hearing the tinkling of the ivories in our home.
 Soccer is officially over now but we did have many busy Saturday's full of games. Rach's team changed their name to Storm Troopers. I like it and she did awesome. She is one tough defender!

 In case there is a dentist reading this blog I wouldn't mind a free assessment of these little chompers.

 Miss Kate and the Grasshoppers had a great season too (despite having a pregnant coach)

 We weren't very good at getting pictures of Josh, but this boy has some great hustle. He also found his position that he loves and is awesome at: wingman. He was SO close to scoring about a million times....but he never got one in. Bummer!
 I think the ref is funny in this picture. Ha ha!
 Now we're to the best day of the year: Mother's Day!! After a delicious breakfast in bed (but Josh did keep me company), the kids all gave me some awesome mother's day gifts. I love the home-made ones and the ones they make in school. It also helps that I have the best kids in the world.

 Church was amazing (of course). Although it was my first week of being released from primary, which I'm really sad about. It's always good to hear that we're doing okay as women and mothers because so often not only do I not feel it, but "the world" tells me that as well. It's great to be a girl, and a mom. I mean, just look at these cuties! I am very blessed.

 Will is a little suspicious of Rachel, I think.
 Here's a picture of a tent I made out of some of the wood floor boxes. Josh ended up sleeping in the tent for like 3 or 4 nights in a row before we kicked the tent downstairs so it wasn't in our front room anymore.
 For some reason, Kate's biggest fear is Mrs. Butterworth. Not necessarily the syrup, but the bottle that looks like a grandma. She HATES it! Since we have Mrs. Butterworth, but not the creepy bottle kind, Trav improvised so we could torture her a little bit.

I'm just holding out that a really cute guy with the last name Butterworth will someday come sweep her off her feet (in a good 15 years) so she will become Mrs. Butterworth. Ha ha! Kate Butterworth. It has to happen!
 Here's some post-soccer game Popsicles (in case the ice cream wasn't enough).
 Here's Kate at it again. Early in the morning she'll pull out some books to read to Will before everyone else gets up.
 Last night we were having dinner at my parents house. The kids were all outside playing and Kate ran in and told us that she lost her tooth! She literally lost it. She had no idea when it fell out she just noticed it was gone. Since we couldn't search the whole yard for a tiny tooth we suggested she just write a note to the tooth fairy and see what happens.

Here's our toothless gal....
 And here's the note......Luckily the tooth fairy still left a dollar even though there wasn't a tooth to exchange. 
 Love these little snuggle bugs of mine! (Even when they take over my bed)

Monday, May 16, 2016

The evolution of the wood floor

It is finished!!! The long awaited wood floor that we've been talking about since we moved into this house more than 6 years ago is finally in! And I LOVE it!  But first we need to see what it "used" to look like to truly appreciate what it looks like now. So here's some 'before' pictures.....

 The lovely stained gray carpet was pretty awesome.....

 Okay. I think you get the jist of it. Rewind to January when we took the plunge with our tax refund and bought the wood. We had stacks like this......all over the house.
 I'm not complaining about the stacks of wood. I least we were headed in the right direction. But I swear as soon as we got the wood at our house everything was insanely busy and we didn't have ANY free time to actually install the stuff. No nights, or Saturdays for several months. It was insane!

But with what little free time Trav did find he would work on it bit by bit. First it was taking off the baseboards. Then the demo of the kitchen tile.
 William didn't like this part too much.
 Then the gears started moving and we put everyone to work or this thing was never going to get done!
 I like how the brother is just watching the girls work.
 We even had Will picking up staples.

 First two rows IN!!
 Slow and steady the wood worked it's way down the hallway.

 Trav was never short of helpers (although the helpers were pretty short)
 Every boy needs a tape measure to get the job done right!
 A little more here....a little more there....I hope you can appreciate that this was over the course of several weeks although it's much more fun to see it in this time lapse of pictures. It looks like it went in really quickly!
 Smoosh everything to one side of the room!
 Josh got his very own nail. We're very generous around here.
 Now it's take apart the kitchen time! (That exclamation point is totally sarcastic.... this part was not very fun at all)
 Now we smooshed everything to the other side of the room....
 I took so many pictures randomly that I got some good ones of Trav just looking totally annoyed that I was just taking pictures. Ha ha!
 You know you love me, Trav!
 Look how close it is to being done!!! When the last piece was finally in place Trav just laid on the floor in complete bliss. Even though there's still touch up work and all that jazz....the main part is totally done!!!

 And the good news: The invincible green pants don't look a day older than they did at the start of the project.They are the pants that just keep going and going and going....

Now here's what we've been waiting for....the 'after' pictures!!!
 I even was given a new rug for mother's day (which is right around the time that we finished up).

 Ahhhhh! It looks SO good!

 Will likes wearing this tiny little hat that he helped make and wanted a picture of him. How could I resist?

I really do love it and am SO thankful for all of Trav's hard work. He finally just took a day off of work to finish it up because he's been so busy he knew it wouldn't ever get done.

The first day it was done Josh totally dropped a piece of peanut butter toast face down on the floor (where carpet used to be). The kids were totally amazed that I was able to take a paper towel and have it cleaned up in 20 seconds. It was a beautiful moment. May the gray carpet rest in peace forever!