Friday, March 10, 2017

V-day and "The Kid"

This is the kid that I'm talking about. I think he's got enough toys...what do you think?

 Valentine's day came rolling around it does every year.....and that means Valentine's boxes. I think the boxes can be fun and super cute but honestly, I hate having to put a lot of time and effort into them. So I was delighted when Josh said "Maybe I can just use some of my old pringles cans." Done and done! This kid is obsessed with chips and now we don't have to do a single thing. We didn't even have to decorate a box to look like a box of chips. Genius!
 Kate came home with these awesome glasses.

 I was able to help in Rachel's class for the party. I was in charge of the game and we did Valentine's charades, Rollick style. It was actually a lot of fun (and the last class party I'll be helping with Rach) She also did her box all by herself...making it look like a book. It turned out cute!

Once in a blue moon the little boys will get sleepy. Do you spot the one that "refuses" to nap?
 When I couldn't find him in the house I tiptoed into Jonah's room and found him like this.
 But they are good buddies when they're awake!
 We did make some special Valentine cookies to surprise everyone with when they came home.
 (Do you see a little fingerprint in each cookie?)

 We also had a zoo at our house (which I love)
 I was trying to take some pictures of Jonah in his cute little suit. He keeps pulling this little face. Ha ha!
 So handsome!
 And we found out what was going on with that face! He got a tooth!!

 I tried to get a close up, but it wasn't happening. A few days later he got another one! Both on the bottom.
 Wait for it....
 Wait for it.....
 Cute Rach is growing up so fast. I love this girl!
 Hey Kate! Ever heard of small bites?
 Then the kid turned 7 months! Holy Cow! It's honestly been the longest and shortest 7 months of my life. I sure do love this little dude!
 Unfortunately,the sticker thing isn't working so much for him anymore.

 I like this picture because it shows the chaos of our house in the background.

 Double chin.
 Here's another fort...complete with separate rooms, and a window.
 I told the kids I wanted a cute pre-church picture last week. They are super cute!
 Use the force, Jonah!

 And me and my Buddy, Christa, have been taking some painting classes. The first one was my birthday gift to her and this was what my picture turned out to be.....
 We had SO much fun we knew we had to go back. So here's my 2nd masterpiece.  I think this might become a thing for us. I know they're not perfect but I am proud! And it's fun!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Seven is Heaven!

Say it ain't so! My little sweet Kate is now 7 years old!

We got to spread the celebration out a little bit. First, we had a birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Schick's house. We brought the birthday cake. Rach volunteered to decorate it. It turned out great!

 Grandma and Grandpa gave her a very fun gift.

 Then it was cake time!
 The next day was the official day. She got breakfast in bed (waffles with sprinkles)

 We let her open a couple presents before school.
 I think she likes it....

 She also got this super cute shirt which describes Kate perfectly....
It says "Current Mood: 😊"

 This guy could have one too.

 After school she wanted to NOT practice the piano and rot her brain playing the wii.

 Then as soon as daddy got home it was present time! (again)
 She's trying to open this one with her mind power.

 She got lots of awesome stuff. It was a dinner of monkey brain soup and swimming at the Rec center (which I didn't take any pictures of). Very fun!

Then a few days later instead of having a friend party I told her she could go do something fun with her BFF's Erika and Morgan. She chose classic fun center. They had SO much fun! We were there for a couple of hours having such a good time. When we were about to wrap it up in 5 more minutes her buddy, Morgan, fell while roller skating and I thought she had broken her arm. She wouldn't move it at all and the party was pretty much over. (She ended up dislocating her arm and was fine the next day...not broken....but STILL! I felt so bad!)

Too bad I waited to take pictures and do presents until the end. But it was so sweet to see Kate and Erika trying to help her feel better. They are such good friends. I love these girls.

Kate is almost always happy, has more energy than I know what to do with, never stops talking, is smart, funny, witty, silly and a constant ray of sunshine in my life. She likes what she likes and is who she is and loves it! (I love it too) The world has been a much better, brighter place the past 7 years with having her in it.

Happy birthday Kate! (but please stop growing up!!)