Sunday, January 8, 2017


The rest of December kind of went by in a whirlwind....but a good whirlwind. 
This kid loved chillin' out underneath the Christmas tree.

 And there is definitely not a shortage of love for this little boy. Our family was not complete without him!
 (Will's face...)

 Our elf, Dasher was also with us this December. I only caught a few of the places that he hid but it was fun to see where he'd end up.

And only Kate can manage to loose all of her teeth right before Christmas so she can properly sing the song, "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth." This girl is definitely a rule follower in every way so it totally fit!

 We also had our own family nativity. Here's our Shepard (or whatever you call it when you don't have sheep, but bunnies?)
 The wise man.
 Joseph (if he were in a motorcycle gang)
 Here's all the gifts the wise man brought.
 The innkeeper
 And I took pictures as it was happening. Joseph being refused at the inn.
 Sweet Joseph helping big belly Mary to sit down.

 It is handy when your shepard's hat doubles as your favorite blankey.
 And everyone surrounding baby Jesus.
 He was an excellent baby Jesus too....if I say so myself.

 For the ward Christmas party we made lots of fleece blankets and I had several scraps at our house from the leftovers. Of course, with kids like mine, that turned into an entire night of entertainment and fun.

 What the heck have I gotten myself into?

He doesn't seem to mind too much to be a part of this crazy group.

Kate is always begging for me to take pictures of her with Jonah so I tried and failed many times this day. Notice all the photo-bombers?

 Finally got one!

 Kate brought home the BEST essay from school. I was crying I was laughing so hard reading it. See if you can tell what she's talking about.

 First grade essays are the bomb.

And here's one last one for the road of two of my favorite guys in town.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The cabin

The day after Christmas we headed up to the cabin! We were hoping for lots of snow so we could do lots of sledding and we were not disappointed!

 Will only went down a handful of times, but once he discovered he could stay on the Rhino...that's where he was!

 There was a LOT of snow! Enough to make a snow cave on the deck.
 Jonah got pretty sick while up there but tried munching on celery for the first time and LOVED it!

 We spent lots of lazy time around the fire.
 And the table..
 And we had to get a picture of all the kids in their new jammies. Unfortunately, the Sheltons were still sick so they didn't come up.

 Back to sledding!

 Will and his favorite cousin, Adam.

 Since Jonah wasn't feeling very well, he and I spent most of our time inside the cabin so we didn't get to get as much sledding (or take as many pictures) as I would have liked. Luckily, we have lots of nice Aunts willing to snuggle this sweet boy.
 I had to post this one because when Rach wouldn't smile for me I said, "I need a good picture of you to look back on and wonder why you were a stinker and we don't have any cute smiley pictures of you." Ha ha! Payback Rach!
 Jacob was a little obsessed with stoking the fire.
 Will was stuck to Adam like glue....especially when Adam got his funny picture app out.
 The cabin was great. Just the mountain therapy we needed! Since the Shelton's weren't able to be there we postponed our while elephant gift exchange to the next day, after we all got home and the colds were a little subsided. We had the party at our house and the gifts didn't disappoint!
 Grandpa forgot which gifts he had brought and ended up choosing his own gift!

 Kate chose a model car and did not want to switch with anyone. She was very happy with her choice.

 There were a lot of bead kits going around.

It was fun to be able to include the Sheltons in this silly party.