Saturday, June 9, 2018

Will's 5th birthday!!!

My little man finally turned 5! It was an AWESOME day!
 He asked to have scones for breakfast. So scones with sprinkles it was!

 We let him open 1 present before everyone else left to school.
 A whole box of sugar just for him!
He then requested that we go to the zoo.

 Dad even came and met us for lunch and walked around with us for a little bit.

 Right after school Rachel had her 1st track meet, so Josh babysat while I ran up to see her run. She ran in the 800 and did awesome!

Before the race...

 Starting line....

 We rushed home to Will's birthday party. I was 15 minutes late (oops). Trav was a minute late too so Josh got it all started. Thanks Josh! When I got home the boys were already busily working on the puzzles I had made.

 Will has quite a few friends but he only wanted Liam, Jack and Ross to come. His besties. They are the cutest boys.

 Will is a kids that knows exactly what he wants. He wanted to start with presents!

 Then they spent a good amount of time playing with all his new treasures.
 We had chicken nuggets and jell-o jigglers for dinner...
 I sent them on a scavenger hunt and the grand prize was gummy worms.
 Back inside for cake and ice cream!

 Then they pulled Toilet Trouble out. This is the most appropriate game for not just 5 year old boys...but especially Will!

 The rest of the party the boys just jumped on the tramp and played and played. I love parties where I don't have to entertain the whole time.

He's been practicing off the deck with his new fishing pole. He can cast that thing clear across the yard!

Happy birthday to the funniest, spunkiest, wittiest, silliest, bes-test 5 year olds I know. Love you Will!

Farm Field Trip

Will's cute pre-school had a field trip to the farm. Jonah and I got to tag along too.

 First, we got to take a tractor ride out into the cow pasture to see the cows up close and personal.
 This was the closest and of us had ever been to a cow!

 We got to pet the baby goats (and I almost brought one home)
 I bent down to talk to Will and this goat hopped right on my lap and started chewing on my jacket.
 Jonah's favorite was the baby chicks.

 This is hands-down my all-time favorite picture of Will. Ha ha! I can't look at it without laughing out loud!!
 Jonah's pretty cute too...

 They had so much there to do and see. They had so many baby animals which were so stinking cute!!!