Friday, July 29, 2016

The calm before the storm...

Here's a little update on everything else before I get to the BIG news!! Trav has been working hard on the backyard and it's looking awesome. I had to take a few pictures out there to get a sense of the"during" phase.

 The kids have been awesome so far this summer just keeping themselves entertained when I don't feel like entertaining them. I really do have awesome kiddos.

 But sometimes they just play a little too hard and pass out right where they're at.
 I HAD to get a picture with Will and this box of cereal. There was a tiny picture of this guy on the front of the box and he said he didn't want it (even though it's his favorite cereal) because the guy was "creepy." I replied, "Oh yeah? Look at THIS!" I turned the box around and there was a huge picture of the creepy guy! Will screamed!! It was SO funny! After that he ate the cereal but then also wanted to look at the box.
 I had to get some last minute prego pictures for the books. This is Sunday after church so I was officially 39 weeks and had him only 3 days later! But there will be more to that story later....

 Of course with the camera out my posey kids needed some pictures too. At least they're cute!

 Kate took this picture and it is my favorite picture of Will! This is his "mmm mmm burpy" which is his favorite thing in the world. Nice capture, Kate!
 Then on Monday before the "big day" Christa invited us to head over to the park to slip n slide. It was the perfect combination of the kids having a blast, staying cool, and Christa and I being able to sit in the shade and chat for a few hours. LOVED this!!

 It didn't take long for it to turn into a  mud puddle at the bottom of the hill.

Oh how we love summer!

The 4th of July

Things get a little strange at our house during the summer. At any given time you may or may not find a bat, a superhero, or a combination of the two....somewhere in our backyard. It does make for fun times though.

 Especially when daddy gets involved....

 Someone's cape got all twisted.
 It's good he's got a big brothers to lend a hand.
 For the 4th of July we did our usual....breakfast, parade and carnival in Centerville with Grandma and Grandpa Schick. We got prime parade seats (thanks grandma and grandpa).
 Hubba hubba.

 It was an early morning and they were wiped out waiting for the parade to start.

 Will showing us his loot. I the only one that sees a problem with this picture? Look at those kids in the street!! They are practically under the bands feet and do their parents care at all? No! That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Here we are with "front row" seats and kids are standing in front of us. Thankfully I have the best kids in the world and they know better than that. Typically Centerville is pretty good to keep the crowd under control...but there was nothing this year. I just couldn't believe parents weren't a little more proactive about this. Sheesh! Okay...rant over.
 The carnival blow up toys did not disappoint.

 There was even a clown doing free face painting.
 Or arm painting...if you prefer.

 Then it was home to take a dip in the stream.

 Later that night it was time for fireworks.
 And homemade ice cream....
 Here's the punk...

 Smoke bombs are a favorite around here.
 Then Trav had to run the gauntlet with the flag.

 It's pretty awesome that we can just sit on our driveway and get a full blown fireworks show. That one in the sky was the view we had of our neighbor's firework show....which is just as good as the pros.
 Sparkler time!!

Happy birthday America! It's been fun celebrating with you!