Sunday, February 11, 2018

January in a blur

This is how we do yogurt at our house.

 Always trying to flip the switch.

 Whenever we're playing in the kitchen, I get this sinking feeling that we're being watched...


Josh had the science fair this month. He tried to light a light bulb with salt water battery. It never actually worked even though every youtube video we watched did. It was still pretty fun to do with him. (Okay, I'll be honest....Trav did it with him...but I thought it was pretty cool to watch them)

 This is what Will and Jonah were doing while they were working on the project. Always sliding down the stairs in footsie jammies.

 My early morning sunshine likes early  morning pictures.
 He's going to be a good daddy someday. (minus the eye poke)

 And let's hear it for this weather! Kickball in January? Thank you! I think I will.

 We went to the air force  museum to help pass the time on Martin Luther King Jr. day. It was fun to be there with some friends.
 Will wore the right jacket

 Jonah accidentally turned on an air compressor and it scared the living daylights out of him. The mean air force guy was actually nice about that one...but I about had a nightmare about him.

This is what Jonah and I do when everyone else is at school....

 My little shadow...

 Again with the "somebody watching me" feeling. We need some blinds!

 Trav knows how to ring in the new year.

My little boys are already bookworms. (insert eye heart emoji)
 I took the boys on a nature walk. Here's their walking sticks...

 This is what Will wanted to bring home by the end of the trip.
Jonah is always so good to fold his arms during prayers. I had to sneak a picture.

 We've all been enjoying this amazing weather and had to go take a walk. Loved it! But I can't ever get a good picture of all 5.

 And we're finally cracking down on our basement! I love seeing the progress that we're making. We've got 1 wall framed!

 Tortilla anyone? Ha ha! I'm dying looking at his mouth.

December (again)

I know, I're ready to move on from December. But, I just got the pictures off of my phone and there's a ton more of what's been happening and I want to remember all this stuff too! So I promise this is the last post about December.

We had our Young Women in Excellence. This was Rachel's first time and she looked so grown up. I just love her so much. I love being in Young Women's with her too. 
 These are the greatest girls!
 For our ward Christmas party the Primary did a nativity scene. All of the kids were angels so I had to document a couple of them.

 Kate's BFF, Erika, got baptized and we were able to go see it. I love these two cute girls and I'm glad they have each other.
 Randomness at our house at any given time...
 A giant tumbleweek blew into our yard and it was like an early Christmas present!
 We went with some friends to go see the Layton lights. Always super cool!

 And Fiiz for hot chocolate afterward doesn't hurt either.

 This December we did the #lighttheworld challenge put on by the church. It was SO awesome and I love how  into it the kids got. Jonah is sneaking a peak in our challenge box.

 I went with Kate on a field trip to the treehouse museum. I know I'm biased, but she's the cutest little pirate I've ever seen.

 I love walking in my kids rooms and finding them praying or reading scriptures or doing something good without me knowing about it. Although...I think Kate knew I was sneaking a picture of her.
 We had a cool frost day...
 And the new Star Wars movie came out (is this like the 20th movie?) The boys had to dress accordingly.
 And we snuck Rach and Josh out of school early to go see it in the theater.
 We attempted to go see the lights at Temple Square but downtown was SO busy. I've never seen it like that. Like, really. We drove around for probably a half an hour and there were no parking spots. Not one. It was ridiculous. We were all getting so frustrated that we decided to bag it and we stopped at Maverick to get some hot chocolate and went to the Centerville lights. They were really neat too and we were the ONLY people there. It was awesome. The kids ran around and played and we had the place to ourselves.
 Painting on our memory board...
 Every night the girls lay their clothes out for the next day. I think it's so funny to see these little deflated bodies every night, so I wanted to document it.
 Rach had an AMAZING band concert. I may have already wrote about this, but she looks so grown up on that stage.
 Batman even came to enjoy the concert.
 I got to help with Josh's pancake party at the school. Will fits right in with the big kids.
 And Kate and I went ice skating at Station Park for our date. So much fun!