Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jonah Rex Maughan

We have had a BIG addition to our family! My due date was July 24th, but we had an induction scheduled for the 20th so we could be safe and make it to the hospital on time with my super fast labors. The nurse told me "be ready by 6:00am and we'll give you a call when a bed is available." Sounded good to me. But when I woke up shortly after 1:00 in the morning with one of "those" contractions, I was like...."Really? You've got to be kidding me!! Just wait a few more hours!"   I checked the time....1:18 in the morning.By 1:30 and few contractions later I decided that he most definitely wasn't going to wait until the scheduled time, so I shook Trav awake and we headed out the door.

Luckily, there's no traffic that time of the night so we speedily drove to the hospital. He even ran a red light. (which was awesome). We walked in the door, told the nurses I labor fast so move fast. They got me right in, asked me all the dumb questions they have to ask you ("What was your pre-pregnancy weight? Really? Is that really important right now?)

The anesthesiologist was right there (thankfully) and as he was giving me the epidural my water broke. He said if we would have been 1 minute later to the hospital I would not have gotten the epidural! I'm so glad Trav ran that red light! I was all numbed up, and 3 contractions later...there was this little gooey, wet bundle in my arms. He was born at 2:52am. 7lbs 4oz and perfect in every way.

 We had the hardest time coming up with a short list for his name. Nothing was sounding "right." We had both Matthew and Nicholas on the list, but we just weren't sure. But 5 days prior to this blessed day, Trav had suggested the name "Jonah." I liked it but had never considered it so I needed time to think about it.

When the nurse placed him in my arms and said "What is his name?" I heard loud and clear 3 times (I'm not even kidding) Jonah, Jonah, Jonah! I knew it was Trav's name of choice (and no, it wasn't his voice I heard), but I knew that needed to be his name. So Jonah Rex is here to stay!
 This picture is what 1 hour of sleep and delivering a baby looks like! Ha ha! I look SO tired!! Also, the epidural was insane this time. Usually I can feel some pressure but I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't even tell Trav was touching my foot for hours afterward. It was the weirdest feeling.
 But he is so precious!

 Yeah, we pretty much couldn't stop taking pictures of him.

 Here he is getting his first bath. Does not love baths (still) but it was the first time we got to see how long and blond his hair is! We've never had a kid with this much hair at birth. I love it!!
 She was even able to comb it into an awesome mohawk.

 He was SO alert and awake for the longest time, not only after his bath, but after being born. He just seems so wise and taking everything in. He also sneezed a TON. It was super cute.
 Only a few hours old and I'm totally smitten with this kid.

 Look at that hair!

 Later that day, my mom brought all the kids out to meet their new brother. To say they were excited is an understatement.

 Our first family photo of 7!!

 After he got sufficient love from the siblings we needed a rest.  Too bad all I can do is stare at this little miracle. Sleep will come later, right?

 Daddy's pretty smitten too.

 I may or may not have used him at one point as a table to write in my journal.....
 I spent one more night in the hospital with nurses constantly checking in on us, and trying to remember how to care for a newborn. It's amazing how much you forget! Then later the next day we made the long, treacherous journey home. I always HATE taking them out into the real world for the first time.

The fan club was anxiously awaiting our arrival.

 Kate had made him a hat all by herself so we had to get a picture of her masterpiece.

 This is the little outfit he came home in. We noticed all kind of "coincidences" after we named him Jonah. Not only did his aunt Kim make him this adorable blanket with whales on it, but when I bought his journal several weeks before he was born...I also chose one with whales on it. These were both before we had even considered the name Jonah. Crazy huh?

 His tiny little toothpick legs....

 I'm pretty sure on Tuesday night when we put the kids to bed, William was a little kid. Wednesday morning after I had Jonah...all the sudden he was a giant! Here's my sleepy boys.
 Christa made him this super cute turtle blanket that he loves to lay on.

 We wanted to take some pictures of him but of course we can't have pictures of just HIM. There were a few photo bombers that just wouldn't relent.

 Look how giant Will is! Holy schmoley!

 At least he's still cute though.

 "Will, your muscles are only this big!"
 "Look at THESE guns!"
 "Don't tell me I'm small!"

 Mommy to the rescue.

 Grandma Maughan also came to visit this sweet boy.
 These jammies are from Grandma Schick, and the blanket was made by Aimee.

 Wow my life has changed SO much in the past 10 days. My heart has grown bigger, my waist has grown smaller, and we are all so in love with this new little spirit in our home. Welcome home Jonah. We're glad you're here.