Monday, February 15, 2016

Fabulous February and Super Six!

Oh man I've got a lot of pictures! But it's been a lot of fun too. So this is what happens on any given morning at our house.....I love that my kids love to play with each other (even at the demise of our couch cushions).

 Daddy is trying to clean these boys up (by vacuuming them). They don't seem to mind.
 We decided that it was finally time to get William into a "big boy bed." It's such a bittersweet time. He's certainly old enough to be out of a crib....but he loved his crib! And he would still nap in his crib. But it was time. Josh did a lot of the construction for the toddler bed. Way to go Buddy!
 I guess if you can heft large pieces of your new's time.
 Let alone lift them over your head!
 Here's the boys hard at work.
 He likes it!!
 Once blankey was in it....his bed was complete!
 We also rearranged the room a bit so this is what it looks like now.

 Miss Kate had the loosest tooth. She would breath out and it would flutter in the breeze. I tried to get a picture of it but it really doesn't do it justice. Gross!
 Ha ha! the look on her face! It was dangling by a thread for days! It was so gross!!
 Finally one night daddy pulled that sucker out! All of our lives have been better since then. Her very first tooth!!
 A couple days after the tooth incident this girl had a birthday and turned six year old!! I remember we moved into our house about 2 weeks before her birthday so we've been here for 6 years. That's so crazy to me!.

But back to Kate.....daddy woke up early to make her favorite....crepes. And she got breakfast in bed.
 I guess Will likes the new bed because he slept though us singing happy birthday and Kate eating her breakfast 3 feet away from him.
 She was dying to dress like a raccoon on her birthday.

 (Tail and all)
 One of her presents was a fluffy new pillow (as opposed to the piece of paper she's been sleeping on)
 Her birthday fell on a Saturday which was awesome because we all got to celebrate ALL DAY! She had a friend birthday party....raccoon themed of course. I was a little unsure how to have a raccoon party but it actually turned out pretty well! One of the games we did, they had to search around for treats (like raccoons do).
 But they ended up playing :)

 We played "Pin the tail on the raccoon."
 They made raccoon masks.

 Here's the cute little party girls: Kinsley, Maya, Erika, Sarah, Kate and Morgan.
 Then it was time for cake!

 Kate also requested Yoda Soda. We tried to make it a raccoony name but all we could come up with was raccoon spit and that just doesn't sound as good.

 More presents!
 Miracle of miracles she even got a few raccoon presents! Believe me....they are difficult to find!
 Her BFF Erika even made her a raccoon pillowcase! It's the cutest, but apparently I didn't get a picture of it yet.
 She also gave her a raccoon game. Can you believe they actually make one? So cool.
 After the party and lunch we weren't done celebrating! She wanted to go to Classic Fun center but when we got there and the parking lot was full and the line out the door we decided to go for plan B. So to the trampoline park we went!

 I love Will in this picture....Ha ha!
 Daddy wouldn't let the kids have all the fun!

 Most of my pictures were burry but this one was too funny to me too!
 We came home, had monkey brain soup for dinner (at Kate's request) and they had a giant bubble bath to end the night. It was an awesome day!!! Happy birthday Kate!
 Onto another note....Josh ran for mayor in his class. Forgetting he needed a poster and to give a speech until 5 minutes before school started, this is what he came up with. It says "Josh for Mayor. Vote for Josh because he's buff." Unfortunately he didn't win but he is a police officer. I think the buffness must have helped him become that.
 We also had Valentine's! This is Kate after her school Valentine's party.

 She's my one kid that doesn't love Fun Dip and she got like 6 of them.

 But I know somebody that would love to help her with them.
 Both Josh and Rach had to make their own Valentine's boxes. Josh opted for a Lego.
 Rach did some flowerpots with flowers. They both turned out great!
Trav and I did our usual Mandarin take out candlelight dinner while the kids are downstairs and it was de-lish! I love that tradition. Happy V-day!!