Monday, April 23, 2012

30....Flying and Fancy Free

So it's true.  I am officially 30 now.  The last day I was 29 I'm not going to lie....I was having a little "come apart"/ panic attack and really feeling old.  I had to work that night and had a horrible night so I was expecting the worst for being 30.  My birthday fell on a Sunday this year (can I just request that for every year?)  So that means I got the most delicious breakfast in bed, Trav was home all day, we had church and I actually got to go to relief society.... (Yeah, they announced me as a visitor...that was awkward.  I think that's only the 3rd time I've been to relief society since we've lived here for 2 years.  I haven't made it out of the Primary room much)  But we started out the day by opening presents:  Josh got me some much needed and wanted slippers.....(don't mind the hair and make-up situation)
 Kate drew me a beautiful picture and got me a new welcome mat for our door.....
 Rachel got me a movie......and Frankenstein arms in the picture....
 And Trav got me the best present EVER!!!  Paragliding.  I have to admit I was a little nervous until I actually saw what it was going to be like.  We had even tried to go last week but it was too rainy, but we got to go this morning.  It was so perfect and absolutely gorgeous. This was waiting for our turn to go...
 Once we took off it was amazing!!!  It wasn't scary at all.  I have a ton of pictures so bear with me.  He gave me a little camera on the end of a pole that took a picture every 3 seconds so believe me when I say this is not all of them.

 We made a fly by to some people waiting to go...
 That parachute behind us is Trav.  We got to fly at the same time which was so cool.

 That's Trav in the background again.  Gorgeous gorgeous sky.

 And after the broken bones, no will needing to be acted upon, no paralysis, not even wind burn.  Just a big stinkin' smile on both our faces.
It was seriously the BEST way to celebrate being 30.  This is definitely something I want to do again.  In fact, I even told Trav I was quitting the Roof to become a para glider.  You can do that for a living you know.....he whole-heartily agreed without any hesitation. I don't think that will actually happen but I can dream can't I? I have to admit being 30 isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Monday, April 16, 2012

How many Easter egg hunts can you have in one day?

Well, we had 3 (plus one a couple days earlier)  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Sugar high?  Yes.  Cavities?  Yes.  Fun?  Definitely yes.  Here's pink boots at the neighborhood hunt.

Here's just the 2 and under group getting ready.  Kate looks really excited.
 Then we decorated some eggs here at home.
 We had a hunt in our backyard on Easter morning.
 Went to church on Easter Sunday...(and yes, the bunny went to church too)...

 After church we had a hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Schick's house.  We also had one and Grandma and Grandpa Maughan's house right after but I stopped taking pictures by then.  It was getting a little ridiculous.

 We went to the Tracy Aviary again with cute cousin Jack.

 Then we went to Wheeler Farm.  (Hooray for Spring Break!)

 Here's pink boots again.  You gotta have your cowgirl boots at the farm.

 Driving the tractor...
 Eatin' some lunch (or plunch as Kate would call it).....
 We got our new slide for the tree house!  We just haven't set it up yet but we don't really need to. It's still fun and very very long.
 Our neighbor took them all on a train ride to the park.
We're still workin' hard on the playhouse.
 Some are just better accessorized when helping...
 Then we decided to go feed the ducks at the ponds.

 But then they got a little too friendly so we had to go.
 So the kids all got giant sticks to carry home.  Oh and Trav, I mean Trav too.  Did I just say kids?  Simple mistake.
 Rach had her first soccer game of the season.  Cross your fingers for no broken collar bones this time.  The Flying Dragon Smurfs have one mean goalie.  Nothing gets past this girl!
 Here's froggy boots with some hot chocolate and granola bar to  keep busy during the game.
 Yeah, it was a little rainy.
I also turned (wait for it........and gasp.....) 30 yesterday.  But that' a whole different post.  Let the anticipation kill you (because it might almost literally kill me)  Extra prayers for me on Wednesday, and I'll let you know what the heck I'm talking about if I am still alive.  Mwhaa haa haa haa!