Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese night

A couple nights ago we had a Chinese dinner night......ham fried rice, egg drop soup and egg rolls.  I thought I was being all cool giving my kids something different from our regular run-down of food.  When they started using the chopsticks as magic wands and trying to change the food into ham sandwiches......I gave up on trying to be diverse.  We're going back to mac and cheese!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Softball imprint

Okay Alison, this one's for you.  By request here is a picture of the softball imprint on my head as mentioned in my previous post.  Keep in mind that this happend back in 2004 when I thought it might be a good idea to join my husband's work softball team.  I had never played softball before (except during gym class in school).  At least I wasn't one to run away from the ball when it got hit my way. 
I just should have put my glove in the right place to catch it. 

That softball season consists of 2 of my top 5 most embarassing moments.  I think this one takes the cake though.  Now I know why I can't seem to remember anything!  It's all becoming clear now.   

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 Years!!!!

On a frigid January 18th morning 9 years ago today I married my best friend.  Today is our 9 year anniversary!  (Yes I was still a teenager at the time so no, I don't have a coat on)
Here's some of the things that have happened over the past 9 years:
   -We've lived in 5 different places, including 2 homes
   -We were actually "homeless" for 2 months
   -We've owned 5 different cars
   -We've gone on some amazing trips including:  Paris (yes the one in France), Lake Tahoe,
     Yellowstone 3 times, a Carribbean cruise, Bear Lake many many times, Antelope Island, Las Vegas,   Jackson Hole, and  lots of camping trips (including many in the back yard) and hiked to the top of King's Peak
   -2 college degrees (a master's in architecture and bachelor's in health education)
   -3 absolutley adorabe and crazy kids
    -our fair share of sadness, disappointment and setbacks
   -lots and lots of laughter
   -only 2 trips to the emergency room
   -2 pairs of baby glasses
   -Too many bonfires to count
   -One softball imprint on my head
   -lots and lots of hard work but lots and lots of happiness

It's been an amazing road so far. 9 years seems like a long time but I can't remember what my life was like without Trav in it.  I'm definitley a better person now than I was before him.

On to some other our camera "broke" a little under a year ago.  It wouldn't work and we were very sad so we purchased another camera, pretty good but not the dream camera we would like.  Well, yesterday Trav pulled out the old broken camera (which the kids have been using as a toy for the past 9 months) and took some pictures of the amazing sunset.  I don't know, doesn't seem broken to me!  Maybe the kids fixed it.

 And doesn't he look like a little deacon?  He looks so grown up.

 And this is what you get when it's Sunday afternoon and mom and dad try to take a nap while the kids innocently play unsupervised.
 Am I the only one in the world whose kids don't have pants without holes in the knees?  We finally had to go on a shopping spree becuase it was getting ridulous.

 And here's our engagement picture to leave you with. We were so young.  Thanks for the best 9 years ever honey!  I love you So Much! (Hey that's not my name!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last one

Okay, I have a funny quick story.  Last night after reading scriptures Josh was looking at a freckle I have that happens to be red.  This is how our conversation went.

Josh:  Mom what is that?
Me:  A freckle
Josh:  How come it's red?
Me:  I don't know.
Rachel:  I know!  That's the way Jesus made you.  Maybe you were the very last person and he ran out of brown, so he made it red!

Now I don't know why exactly my freckle is red but Rachel does have a point.  Maybe He just ran out of brown. You never know!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010

Merry Christmas to all!  I hope you all had as good as a Christmas as we did.  I know it's only been like a week since I last posted but this is what you're going to get now that we are on-line!  

This first one reminds me of someone....anyone ever see Little Rascals?  Which charecter do you think Kate identifies with?

 Then we had to get a shot of our little Superheros.  I'm so glad we have 2 at our house.  The bad guys don't stand a chance!

 Here's some shots from Christmas morning.  I think Kate had the most fun of all.  She LOVED playing in all the wrapping paper and even liked her presents too!  She's got the goofy smile look going on.

 Trav was pretty happy too about his spread. Do you think Sing-a-ma-jig or Minnie Mouse is his favorite?

 What a little cutie on her first Christmas.

 Josh only asked for 3 things from Santa:  A doggie pillow pet, a superman movie and a dart gun.  Santa must have got the letter because he got all 3!  All I can say is thank goodness he has a hard time cocking the gun (I hope that's how you spell it, I really don't know).  We would all have welts from getting shot so much.

 Rach and dad built a supercool snowman after that big snow.

 And we had the Schick Christmas party at our house this year.  It was so fun to see everyone and look how big all the cousins are getting! 

 Let's not forget the New Year's Eve celebration.  Even batman likes to celebrate.  Hey, how come he has the feather one?
 We got some attitude going on!

 After our countdown at 8:50pm (I know we couldn't wait until 9:00) we blew horns, popped those little firecracker things, went out in the snow and lit a campfire and lit our sparklers straight from the fire.  It was freezing cold but the kids really didn't seem to mind.  It was fun and maybe a possible tradiditon in the making?  I don't know.  But next year we should put some wood in the garage.....cold, wet wood doesn't light too well.  Go figure.

 And don't forget our little Kate.  She has one last message for you all.....

Look out we come!