Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthdays and babies!!!

It's finally spring. The sun is shining and that means that new life has been brought to the Maughan house. The  very first day the sun was actually out we had to have a picnic lunch outside. It was heaven!
 Trav took Rach and Josh skiing a couple times this winter. Their first time ever! They both really liked it a lot, but Trav said Rach was especially a snow bunny and would zoom down the hill a million miles an hour. (She definitely did not get that from me.)
 And then this guy turned the big 4-0! He's kind of been dreading this birthday so I tried my best to make it a fun day. I actually woke up early to make him a yummy breakfast. This in and of itself is a miracle. I'm one of those mean wives that makes their husbands get their own breakfasts every morning. Poor guy didn't know what he was getting into when he popped the question so many years ago. But he did get the birthday plate!
 When he got home from work we had to rush off to Josh's pack meeting, but after that we could finally celebrate! Dinner was de-lish then it was present opening time!
 This year I did a 'mission impossible' theme..... So every present had a clue attached to it that had to do with his "mission." It was kind of fun to tie them all together like that.

 One of his gifts was a little drone. He had one before but after it got stuck in Rachel's hair on day 2 of owning it, it didn't work anymore. Since all secret agents need to know how to fly he needed a new one.

 Mmmmm....I'm drooling just looking at that cake. So good!

 I left it up to Josh to help with the decorating this time. I liked how it turned out!
 Here's the best, most lucky, most handsome 40 year old on the planet! I know I'm not alone in thinking this too.
 I wanted to get a picture of the two on us on his birthday so Rach took this one. I just barely chopped my hair off! Ahhh!
It was difficult to fly the drone inside so he knew that the next chance he got he needed to try it outside. Of course, half the neighborhood had to come check it out too! It was cute how everyone was following him around.

 Another gift was a note giving him my blessing to go get a new mountain bike. He ordered one the very next day and it came 2 days later. I wish I could have caught the smile on his face when he opened this puppy up. So cute!
 The boys were almost as excited as he was to get it all set up.
 For our date night (we had to do it a few days later) we went out to dinner to an Indian restaurant then we went to the Escape Key: The mission impossible room. They pretty much lock you in a room with a bunch of clues and you have 1 hour to disable a bomb and escape. Despite the fact that when we showed up and realized we had to go in the room with five 11 year old boys and 1 dad....deep actually was a lot of fun! I would love to do it again, but go with a group of friends so we don't get stuck with a bunch a kids again. Really fun date night! Our date ended sooner than planned so we actually went to a couple stores together to shop which we NEVER do, so that was surprisingly fun too! It was such an awesome day! It was the birthday that kept going and going!!

So we had our BIG ultrasound 2 weeks ago!! I'm a little slow at getting around to all this. Everything with baby looked good (minus a little extra fluid in the kidneys but we'll have another ultrasound to get it checked out in a few weeks....nothing too serious). We wanted to find out what we were having but not right away. Trav had to leave to the airport straight from the hospital and I wanted him there with me to tell the kids. So we had the nurse write what it was in an envelope...which I didn't peek in.....and took it to a balloon shop and told them what to do. I had NO idea whether this baby was a boy or a girl.

 When Trav got home on Wednesday night we had a big box that we were all dying to open!! We took a poll on who thought it was a girl and who thought it was a boy. We were split exactly down the middle. We opened the box and......
 It's a BOY!!! It was so much fun to have all the kids there to find out. Everyone was yelling and running around and we were all SOOO excited! It's so nice to call him a HE now!!

 William didn't doubt for one minute that he was having a little brother. He totally knew! (I won't mention that he was convinced it was a little brother named "Girl" and it's an elephant that will sleep on his bed.) But he knew it was a boy the whole time!

 I had this great idea for a picture to announce to the Facebook world that we were having a boy. Unfortunately, we didn't have a 10 minute period where we were all home at the same time to take the picture. So this past Sunday, we were all home, and relatively clean we headed outside to get my picture.

In the 3 minutes of getting the camera set up we had 2 crying kids with injuries and me yelling at the kids, "You need to be happy for 2 minutes so stop fighting!!" and a threat to their lives. I'm amazed we got the pictures. So here ya go:

"The tie breaker goes to.................

 BOYS!!! Coming July 2016

We're so excited for this little boy to come. Happy Spring!!