Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So much

So much has happened in the last month I will just briefly show what's been going on.  First of all there was a daddy daughter campout.  They talk about this all year long and always have such a good time.  This year there was a friendly bunny there too. Don't worry, Josh and I look forward to have a mommy  son date too when they're gone. 

 There's always puddle jumping after the big rainstorms....
 We hiked up Baer Creek Canyon, which is the same creek that is in our backyard.  It was such a gorgeous hike.....I can't believe we hadn't done it before.  It will definitely not be our last time.
 I must be really good at brushing my teeth because my smile is just shining.  And I don't remember Rach washing her face so good either. 

 Then Rach had a pool party with her soccer team at her coaches house and the entire family was invited.
 Yes, Trav was the only parent that swam.  He really is the best daddy ever.
 We went to the Kaysville firestation open house.  We got to have treats, spray the hoses and even watch a helicopter take off.  It's always fun.

 Kate was right in her element.
 Here's the best buddies.  Okay can I start a blog petition to help keep these buddies from moving away?  They are moving in about a month and we cannot imagine not  having them next door anymore.  How are we going to survive?
 Oh, and we also got a new van!  It's very fancy and we love it!
 It's also has a lot of space to grow.....
 We also went up to snowbasin to see the leaves and take a few pictures.  It was so gorgeous up there.

Happy fall!