Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Einstein

We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. It started off with the good ol' Centerville breakfast, parade and carnival. We got so much taffy it started coming out our ears! I have to thank Matt Flanders for giving us an entire bag of candy (still in the package and everything).

Okay, I can't figure out how to rotate this one of Kate in her 4th of July duds, but it's still cute. Just lay your head on the desk for a minute to appreciate it.

Here's another cute one of Kate. Okay, every picture of Kate is cute so I keep throwing them in. We started her on the medicine to shrink the hemangioma and after 2 days I could already tell a difference. Now she's been on it for a few weeks it's almost gone. You can hardly even tell it's there. Thank heavens for modern medicine! Which eye do you think has a hemangioma? Can you tell? I thought not.

We did have to get her glasses. It's really amazing that she's pretty good at leaving them on. I think she looks so cute (and smart) in them. We get stopped everywhere we go....."where did you find glasses that small?" I should start charging a dollar every time I hear that....we'd get to go to Disneyland in no time at all!

Rach and Josh just adore her. In this picture they said "Kate is on t.v.!" and they just sat there and watched her for a while.

This is usually the face we get.....tongue out and a look of "why do I have these things on my face again?" I don't know how much they are actually helping because they usually have a fingerprint or a lick-mark on them.

We took a little trip up to Silver Lake last week. Rach found a patch of dry dirt in the shape of a heart. She said whoever stood in it was in love. She's already a hopeless romantic. She even fell in love last week with a priest from our ward. They came to help chop down some more trees and by the end of the night she said to me "Mom, I'm in love with that boy. He's so nice! But you can't tell him!" Be afraid for me when the teenage years hit.

Who is peeking through that rock?

It is always so gorgeous up there.

And there was even some snow left!

Here's one last one for the road. My 3 little stooges. I'm so lucky.