Monday, September 20, 2010

School, soccer and sillies

I know it's been a while...... I'm going to start with the sillies. It always amazes me at what they say and what is going on in their little heads. Last night completely out of the blue Josh said, "We don't eat dolphins.....or whales." We were driving in the car and had not been talking about anything to do with water or fish or even eating for that matter. And then a few hours later Rach said, "I want a mustache!" Seriously I don't know what they are thinking about at any given time.I thought this one was cute of Rach and Josh though.
A couple weeks ago Rach started soccer! I know I'm more excited than she is. Their team name is the ladybugs and they are so cute! We need to work on Rach's aggressive bone because I don't think she has one yet. But surprisingly enough they are undefeated. They actually are really good......if only Rach would get in there......
This is what I walked into the other day. They were having story time and I think the audience is very attentive.

This one on the other hand, had just had it! You should have seen the lines on her face after this nap.

About a week ago I looked out the window and there was a hot air balloon right across the street at the park! The kids were still in bed so I woke them up and we ran over there to see it. It was really cool. They went up and down a couple of times and then we got to see them deflate it. I have no idea why the balloon was there but we had fun looking at it.

Last year when I was Primary President of our old ward we gave all the primary kids a challenge to read the book of Mormon with their families and anyone that accomplished this goal we would make them a giant cookie. Well, after a year and a half of reading (yes it took us a long time) we did it! We made it all the way through! Even though we are not in the ward anymore we kept good on our promise and made some giant cookies for the kids. And even better, we now are totally in the habit of reading scriptures every night. I definitely recommend this method to those of you wanting your kids to read.

Then of course Rach started kindergarten! I can't believe she's out in the real world now. She absolutely loves it and is having the best time. She was so excited to go and now she feels like such a big girl.

And last but not least......Kate finally got her pink frames on her glasses. They are so cute and girly and I love them, but even better news....she doesn't need glasses anymore! She had her pink frames (which I've had ordered for months, they just took forever to come in) for about 2 weeks then I took her to her eye appointment. He just ranted and raved at how good she was doing and said she didn't even need the glasses anymore. Needlesstosay we were thrilled since she didn't keep them on anyway. But sad because we only had the pink ones for such a short time. Oh well, she'll get a kick out of them when she's older. It's a nice keepsake. Here's at least a shot of her cute pink glasses. You can tell she's thrilled to have them on.

She's not quite crawling yet but scoots around on her big belly so nothing is safe anymore. She is seriously the happiest baby and I couldn't be happier that her eyes are going to be okay.