Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue lips, Basketball and Balboa

Here's the blue lips. Apparently they aren't very fun.....
 Here's the basketball, and yes this is a lot of fun! Here's Josh's cute team warming up.
 Watch out Jordan, this boys got skills!
 Josh is on his buddy Noah's team and Noah's dad is the coach. It's a ton of fun to not only have a buddy on the team but to be the cheering section with the Maynes. The Maynes make everything more fun!
 I know this picture is blurry, but this is the shot that Josh took and scored!  The first basket he's ever scored in a game, and the first basket of his team this season! Woot woot! It was amazing!

 Josh actually did really well. People in the audience were asking to high five this dude. This will be a fun season!
 And playing so much basketball and being so awesome all the time is really hard work.  Sometimes you just gotta relax with coco puffs in a lego wagon.
 Yesterday when the kids saw that it had snowed a fraction of an inch they dashed outside and built Olaf, the snowman. Watch out! He likes warm hugs.

 Yeah, and this happened. This is what he looked like when he woke up Sunday morning.

Yo Adrian!

This is what he looked like a little later in the day. On antibiotics and feeling much perkier. No he's not winking.

 Poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon! The kids haven't been this concerned since the tip of Strder's tail fell off. We have yet to find those few inches of glory....
But nothings keeping this cutie down! One eye and all.
 And this is an episode of "Where are we going to find Strider sleeping today?" Crazy cat.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What are you going to be on Halloween night?

A witch or a werewolf or a ghost!  
(or a doggie)
We had all of those this year. The girls were witches, Josh a werewolf (and by some miracle we pulled that costume off. Sheesh! It was a lot harder than you'd think!), Trav was the ghost, and of course William was the doggie.

 Josh wanted to get a picture of him scaring the witches. Rachel actually really looks scared! I don't think Kate grasped the whole concept though.
 I think the ghost is so funny for some reason. I just can't stop laughing looking at it.
 Now that's the cutest little doggie I've ever seen!

 We had a  party at my parent's house so here's one of all the kids.
 I couldn't get over Hallee's Princess Leia costume. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!
 Man these kids are cute!
 Here's daddy and his "helper" getting the graves ready for the haunted forest.
 I'm sad he won't fit in his leisure suit much longer!
 Here's our cute punkins with our pumpkins.....

 And we did the haunted forest again this year. It's a tradition now and I'm afraid we'll be doing it until the day we die. And maybe after too....that would add a little twist to the haunt! But by the time we get it all ready, it's getting dark outside so the pictures don't turn out very well. But the night actually turned out really good! We had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a fun time. We still need more lights in it though.

Here's the graveyard....
 This was the creepiest part.....the leafman.....
 William wasn't too afraid of the ghost.
 Here's my new ghosts I added this year. they looked pretty creepy in the dark!
 And the favorite addition this year was a flying bat! You can kind of see it in this picture.  What a fun tradition this is!
 And if that's not enough to scare ya......
 We've now entered the phase of having to lock our doors at all times. This boy knows how to escape!
 Kate doing her "Monster Mash" dance.
 And we had to get one of Rach with her pumpkin shirt on. Too perfect!
 Here's Halloween night (finally). We have so many festivities leading up to Halloween it's a wonder we ever make it to the actual holiday. We went trick-or-treating with the Maynes which always makes the night so much more fun!

 This was also a new addition to the forest that we used on Halloween too. Turned out super cool.
 Checkin' out the stash...
 Tasting the stash......
 Trying to trade from the stash.....Our dentist is going to love us!
 Then early the next morning (okay, not too early, but early after being in a candy coma) I ran in "The day of the dead" race. My nephew (Marcus) was helping with it for his Eagle project and we figured one of us better run in it. I am not really a runner, (even though I would like to be) so I hadn't trained at all but it was actually a pretty good race! It was a gorgeous day, beautiful scenery, and I got my picture taken with some princesses after. Awesome!
 Here's Rach cheering on Uncle Gary. He and Wendy were the best skeletons by far!
 I got 8th place in my age/gender division which I was pretty happy with it considering I wasn't really being competitive or anything. Rach said she wants to run with me next year! And plus, now I get this totally awesome shirt with a near naked skeleton head guy on it. Don't be jealous!
 Then on Sunday Trav was helping the kids get their tithing ready. I thought it was cute.
 And this little dude looked so handsome so the camera came out. He's now in nursery. He was a rockstar the first week and didn't cry once. The next 2 weeks he got kicked out (or something like that) after non-stop crying. Unfortunately neither Trav nor I can sit in there with him like most parents can. I will be able to in 2 weeks after the primary program if he's not getting any better. We just have to do the "drop and run" method for now. Poor kid. But so so handsome!
 Then Rach let me curl her hair too! She hardly ever let's me actually do anything with her hair. She looks gorgeous!
 And don't forget this little peanut!
 They looked so cute! Love these kids!
 Then last night (Yes, most of this is one day after another starting last Thursday) my sister called us and invited us to the aquarium. We hadn't been to the new one yet. This was the only picture we got of most of us. Not the best picture, but oh well.
 They had this cool rope bridge the kids loved.

 You having fun yet, Marc? Ha ha. I loved this picture.
 William LOVED the shark tank. They swam right over his head.

 And if you've ever wondered how clean the glass is there and are tempted to lick it, I'll help you out with that. You're welcome.