Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bear Lake 2015

The day after we got home from McCall, we unpacked, washed,  packed up again and headed to beautiful Bear Lake! It seems we can never make it through Logan canyon without a little adventure.....and this trip was no different. As we were driving the winding roads Trav looked back and noticed Will had a major bloody nose! I pulled over and about 10 fully soaked tissues/napkins later we were on the road again. 
It was so weird.

We made it safely with pale William, and had an amazing family night that night with all the Maughan's. Tuesday of the trip marked the 1 year anniversary of Trav's dad passing away. It was really nice that we could all be up there together and remember him. I can't believe it's been a year....but at the same time it feels a lot longer than that too. I still miss him so much and the kids still talk about him a lot too. We were so blessed to know him. I can see Trav being like him more and more as time goes on. What a wonderful man!!!

On Tuesday we headed over to the beach and it was FREEZING!! There had been a big storm that came through the day before and the temperature dropped big time! 
William wouldn't even take his sweatshirt off.(who am I kidding....neither would I)

 There were some brave enough to dip their toes in the water.
 But the good news is we had the beach all to ourselves! Isn't playing with cousins the best?!?

 Josh's goal was to be buried in the sand. Luke and Marcus were happy to help him with that.

 The next day was MUCH warmer so William and Kate just played and played and played.

 They would take time out for a snack every so often.
 Rachel loves her cousin RaBecca. Even though RaBecca's now married she still hangs out with Rach.

 We had some kayaks this year and Josh was a pro! He ended up teaching several of the kids how to kayak because he certainly knew what he was doing and zoomed all over the lake (where he could touch) in that thing.

 Trav tried wake surfing for the first time. It looked pretty awesome!

 Kate does more of the starfish approach.....

 I asked the kids if they wanted to build a sandcastle and they all said "Yes!!" As I was building it they totally ignored me except to point out what needed to be done. Nobody helped one bit. Then Kate totally posed with it like she actually helped. Sheesh! What we do for the kids....I do have to say...she added the bridge across the moat. I shouldn't take credit for that.
 She does like to pose though.
 Here is Cassie with cute baby Audrey. She is so stinkin' cute in her beach attire.

 Rach tried skim boarding and really got the hang of it too.

 Here is proof that I was actually at the beach too!
 I love this picture of Will. He was in heaven!  (and he has a little friend watching nearby)
 He was playing with some little boys....Gary and Lincoln....I'm really not sure how they're related to us technically because it's so confusing....but all the boys were saying "dinosaur poop!" and throwing mud at each other. Will got really sad and kept saying "No, dinosaur poop" in the saddest voice. This is the aftermath of dinosaur poop....

 I really wanted Rachel to try wake-boarding again because I really think she could have done it! She had 1 second of bravery but when she got in the water she totally refused to even try. Trav was even right there with her! Bah! Maybe next year if we have the chance. She wouldn't even hold on to the rope.

 Here's my beach beauty.
 She wanted to hop in the water with daddy and swim around the boat. Just look at that water!!! There's nothing like Bear Lake blue! (no, this is not Photoshopped)

 Now it was my turn! The water was gorgeous and I wake-boarded until I literally couldn't hold on to the rope anymore.
 It was SO  much fun!!!!

 The kids did bubbles on the beach.
Not sure what this little man is doing. He's in his own little world a lot of the time.

 William even tried his hand at kayaking.

 Now that most of the grand-kids are older (except for ours) they had a pretty intense game of ultimate Frisbee on the beach. Trav even ended up cracking a rib!

 Here's a group shot. How we LOVE the Maughan's!

 Here's some pictures of Trav with his awesome wake-boarding skills.

 Look at that water he got! It's glass.

 Ha ha! Wipe out!

 William fell asleep on the boat exactly like this. Completely sitting up straight. The beach can wear a guy out!
 He didn't even notice this was happening on the boat behind him!

 Here's all the beach bums.

We spent 3 full days at the beach and then stayed up late at night playing games, watching movies and laughing hysterically (at Colin's solo dance party).  It was so hard to get back to normal life. We love you Bear Lake!