Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall is in the air!

As soon as October hits Kate insists on wearing her Halloween shirt. Actually she insists much earlier but I insist on her waiting until October. So here's her most favorite shirt of the year.  I tried to get some "Halloween shirt" pictures  of the 2 rugrats I'm home with all day. It started out like this.....
 Quickly turned into this......
 Getting closer.....
 Finally a smile....
 Now we're done....
 Also, Josh had to do a book report and make one of the characters out of a pumpkin. I thought his Fly Guy turned out great. 
 There was crazy hair day at school. I thought we had green hairspray but all I could find was black and silver. It still turned out pretty good.
 We have been busily making applesauce! Kate has been my #1 helper and now we're all set!

 Here's some preparations for the Haunted Forest....
 And someone put this sweat band on Will. He walked around all night saying "Cool." He thinks he's such a stud and he's totally right.
 Rach had a school project to make a diorama of the forest and forest animals. Man, she's lucky she has an architect dad. It turned out SO COOL!

 Soccer is officially over which is a total bummer, but I guess it's a good thing because Josh lost his arms.
 Someone had leftover creamies at one of Rachel's games and shared with us. Will really got into it.
 Since this fall has been so absolutely gorgeous we've been trying to take advantage of it. We took a little hike up Baer creek which is just above our house.

 Someone didn't want to be there. I won't tell you who.

 But the leaves couldn't have been prettier! I guess the kids are pretty cute too.

 This is Trav's "fahionista" pose....

 Then another night Trav couldn't stand being in the office any longer with it looking like this so we drove up to Snow Basin. Trav went on a long bike ride while I took the kids up to the practice trail and a little bike trail.

 This is how Kate and William went over the jumps....
 Josh did awesome and really liked it. Thank goodness Trav will have a biking buddy in a few years. Rachel...not so much. We can start a book club or something.

 It doesn't get any cuter than this!

 Here's officially the last soccer games. The fan section...
 Josh was very persistent...even if he just got shins and no ball.
 The goalie and the goalie helper.

 And Rach FINALLY is back to being Rach again on the field! She hasn't been playing too tough this year which stinks because she was very tough last year. Too bad we only saw it the very last game.
 The trillions of leaves have started to fall. It's always exciting at first and everyone want to help rake. But when it really gets down to it and most of the leaves are down, for some reason I'm always raking alone.

 Strider ever didn't mind being buried with leaves.
 Mommy needs some pictures!!

 Will was more interested in raiding the raspberry bush than he was playing in the leaves. At least he's got his priorities.

 But it was back to work once the berries were gone.
 I know this is getting ridiculous....but for fall break we went up to my parents cabin near Heber. SO gorgeous! We had a great time.
 We went on lots of hikes...
 Spotted animals....
 Played in the leaves.....

 Sometimes all three at the same time....
 Will wasn't a very fast hiker.
 This is more like it!

 We saw a family of 4 moose! Mommy, daddy and twins. It was so cool. Then we saw another moose later on. We saw a total of 5 moose and 54 deer! (The kids kept track.)
 The leaves were just gorgeous!

 This is what Rach and I spent a lot of time doing.

 A herd of 10 deer of mommies and babies came right next to the cabin. It was so cool! Trav tried to sneak out and get a few pictures.

 And don't forget the popcorn flinging contest.
 Lots of rides on the Rhino.
 And one last little hike before we had to head home.

I love fall!