Friday, September 30, 2011

books and balloons

So Kate is the biggest bookworm that I've ever seen in a one year old.  If I can't find her sometime during the day, 90% of the time she has found herself a stack of books and can't get enough of them.  Here are some pictures that were each taken on a different day to prove my point.

This is usually how her room looks before we put her to bed.  I like the clear spot where a little bum can sit
 She has a stash in mommy's room too.
 And whenever I sneak up behind her and take her picture like this she yells "No!  I don't like it!" 
But other times she loves posing for the camera.  This is Josh's new muscle man costume which Kate really loves to wear.  Look how buff she is!  She must get that from me
 These two are so cute.  This is after church a couple weeks ago.  He's such a good big brother.
 And this morning around a little after 8:00 my neighbor called and said there was a balloon at the park that hadn't taken off yet so to run out and see it.  About twice a year some hot air balloons will take off from the park across the street from us.  I don't know why and we never know about it and I'm always complaining that I want to see it so I'm glad she called.  I grabbed the kids and ran outside and looked over at the park and see nothing.  What the...?  So I start searching the sky....nothing.  Then I turn around and hovering like 20 feet above my house is a gigantic hot air balloon!  It was so awesome! I have to admit I was hoping they'd put a little more fire in that thing it was so low!  But by the time I ran in and grabbed my camera it was at a much more safe distance from the house.  What a way to start the day!

 Then a couple weeks ago we went to Red Butte (no butt) Garden for family night.  Talk about gorgeous.  It was the perfect night and I didn't realize how much my kids would love it just being a big garden.  They were begging to stay longer (it was closing) and begging to go back the next day.  It was great.

 Notice the sling really doesn't slow this girl down. She's still so active it will be a miracle if the collar bone actually heals.

When we first got there and walked out the doors to get to the garden a tiny snake slithered in the doors.  It made me jump (aka scared the living daylights out of me) so we went and told someone at the front desk.  They came to see and it was a baby rattlesnake so they had to keep an eye on it.  Thank goodness it didn't strike.  My kids and hubby all walked inches away from it and didn't see it.  Going there wants me to be a better gardener.  I do have to admit we have corn and pumpkins growing in out garden now, but someday people will be talking about Maughan Butt Garden.  Yeah, you read that right.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

State Fair

Yesterday my sister invited us to go to the State Fair with her and Hope Kids.  It was a blast!  We all got to ride the rides for free for 2 hours...
 We got some free popcorn and rootbeer...
 We got to see some cute animals....
 And even pet some fuzzy ones...
 Then when we walked into the cow barn there was a small crowd gathered around the one cow that was in there.  A lady told us we had missed the birth of a calf by about 1 minute!!!  Here's the new proud mama and sweet little baby. I've never seen one that new before.  It was so cute (the afterbirth on the other hand....not so cute).
 We saw some really big pumpkins (and lots of weird people...who is that guy in the hat? That's the perfect undercover look)
 And as we were looking at the birds look who walked right by!  Still in his suit and tie.  Yes, I'm one of those weirdo's that took his picture. 
 We went to the "Hands on the Farm" which Josh and Kate LOVED!  Milking the cow....
 Driving the tractors....
 Free child labor.....
 And here's some of the gang.  Thanks Aimee and grandma it was a blast, and very eventful too!
Just as a side note, Rach is doing well.  Thanks for all the happy thoughts her way.  She still doesn't realize she can't do everything though.  Last night we were outside playing with the neighbors.  Paige (neighbor) wanted to jump rope which Rachel loves to do.  She got her jump rope and just looked at it in her hands trying to figure out how she could do it.  Sorry sweetie, no can do.  You need your collarbone in-tact for that kind of thing .  Sad, but still kind of funny.

Wrapping up summer

I meant to update the blog on Sunday but didn't and now I'm really wishing I would have.  A LOT has happened in the past 3 days so this is going to feel a little like catch-up but we'll see how it goes.  

First things first....Mr.Josh started pre-school!  He was SO ready and excited and it is the cutest pre-school ever (our bishop's wife is the teacher).  Our house is eerily quiet now with only Kate and I at home for a few hours a week.
 But for the rest of the time these two buddies are like 2 peas in a pod.
 This one was getting ready for a bath......seriously, don't ask......
 And pretty much every single night this whole summer (and spring and fall) we end the night by riding bikes and playing with the next door neighbor.
A few days ago I came in and found Kate sitting on my chair with a blankey and binkey and a pile of books on her lap.  She got all situated by herself but of course as soon as I pulled the camera out she had to pose.
 We also went to the zoo.  Why are all those monkey's sitting on a rhinoceros?
 Rach spent most of the time trying to read the map and find out where we were.

And am I the only one whose kids favorite part of the zoo is the playground? 
 Trav has been working on building a play house for the kids.  He promised one last year and has been having fun designing it and now is in the beginning stages of building it.  I honestly don't know what it's going to turn out like but I know it will be cool!

He did have a few helpers......(I know what you're thinking.....)

 Then, this past Monday we took the kids mini golfing for family night.  This is the first time we've taken them.  It was actually a ton of fun and they did really well.
Kate even got into it.
 Most of the holes are still the same from when I was a kid (at Cherry Hill)  Way fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Rachel got a picture taken of some bones last night.  Do you notice anything wrong?


Yep, we lasted 6 years and 3 months before getting our first broken bone.  That's pretty good for 3 very-active-never-sit-still-crazy-kids.  

All I can say is she got it at soccer practice and was playing just a little too hard which resulted in a broken collar bone and a sling she'll have to wear for a few weeks.  Since it happened during soccer, I couldn't be more proud.  She's a tough one.