Sunday, June 11, 2017

Babies and Baseball

My baby is not acting so baby-ish anymore. That little stinker turned 10 months!! How dare he?!? He still does not love the monthly photo shoots we have with stickers and now he's a lot more able to rip the suckers off.
 After 0.3 seconds of having the sticker on, it was off. So I tried to improvise. Luckily I got one of my all-time favorites of his classic fishy face....

 He does it ALL the time and it's so cute!
 Pucker up!
 I tried to enlist Kate's help with getting at least 1 picture with the tie on. He didn't love that.
 And he still tried to rip it off....

 Look at that look he gives me as he crumples it up into a ball....

 He is so so cute. Seriously the happiest little kid ever and I couldn't love him more than I do. I've been blessed the past 10 months to have him in my life.
 Now for the baseball. After weeks of being glued to the baseball parks we are done! I kinda wish it would have been a better season for Josh. He had fun but they only pulled out 1 win the whole season. Bummer. But at least he looked good!
 He was always nice to welcome adoring fans to the dugout.

 Spittin' seeds...

 Dad was the first base coach a few times.

He actually did really great and got an awesome hit on one of his last games. He also was a great fielder and got several guys out. Good job Josh!

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