Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A bunch of animals

Yep, that's what we are and what's been going on lately. First of little duck turned 5 years old!!! That's really so crazy to me. Her dream was to wear her duck suit to bed the night before her birthday so she could wake up on her birthday as a duck. Sometimes birthday dreams do come true! (unfortunately it got dirty early on so I washed it before being worn the rest of the day)

 We let her open 1 present before the kids left to school. She was a little ticked that dad had to work and the kids had to go to school on HER birthday. She thought we'd all just stay home and celebrate!
 Aristocats! One of her favorite movies that we have borrowed from the library more times than I can count.
 Ahhhhh.....the duck is back!
 She wanted Jell-o for dinner that night (with mac and cheese and chicken nuggets) so we got an early start on making that. What good helpers I have!

 This year was the very first friend party she's had! My little non-girly-girl wanted a doggie party. It was a lot of fun! We sent everyone home with a "doggie bag" complete with a doggie ball and dog food (aka Coco Puffs).
 Erika (Kate's BFF) gave her this amazing balloon (among other things). Needlesstosay, Olaf has been the hit since he arrived. (and yes, she was a duck for the doggie party)
 After coloring doggie pictures they played "I had a little doggie"

 They had to find some treats by crawling around acting like dogs and sniffing out the treat. They we did the 'present game' where you unwrap one layer of a gift but you have to do what that layer says before continuing on. Of course they were all doggie tricks.

Then it was time for cupcakes!
 They all got to decorate their own.

 I think Jocelyn won for the fanciest and most frosting.
 Then we sang Happy Birthday to this cute girl (who wanted the #1 candle on her cupcake)

 Then we ate those delicious cupcakes....sprinkles and all.

 Present time!!!

 Then we did Freeze Dance which was really fun.

 One last shot of the cute girls that came to the party! Sarah, Kate, Erika and Jocelyn.

 Now that's just creepy. It only takes one boy at a party......
 When daddy FINALLY got home after work she opened the rest of her presents.
 The big gift was a zoo pass to get into the zoo for a year!!!

 Then we had our delicious dinner of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and jell-o. Then by Kate's request she wanted to watch daddy play Zelda that night on the wii. She LOVES watching him play that. Silly girl. What a fun birthday though!

Then the next day after being on duty to clean the church we bundled up, packed a lunch and headed off to the zoo to use the new gift. These 2 cute boys are twinners.
 It was the perfect day for the zoo!
 This is the reflection in the giant ball. Kinda cool.
 This is also the first time we've seen the new Savannah stuff. It was really cool!

 These poor lions sat there and watched the zebras and giraffes the whole time through a little net. I think he's contemplating how to get on the other side of that net.

 The elephants were eating lunch while we were there.

 Here's my boys watching the elephants.

 I think this sea lion was trying to kiss Rachel.

 It was such a fun day at the zoo! I know we'll be going back a lot.
 This past week for family night we introduced "the flour game" to the kids. What a mess! But they loved it.

Now it's back to the zoo of our house......