Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor day weekend

So we usually don't do anything too terribly exciting for Labor day weekend.  Trav was supposed to go camping with the scouts but it got cancelled last minute so we decided to live it up.  We went to a movie, Josh had his first soccer game of the season, and we went to the zoo.
Trav said,"Rach, I'm going to take a picture of you, look like you're having fun!"  This is the pose of "fun" apparently.
 This was Will's first trip to the zoo and this is pretty much how he spent the whole time.  What a cutie.

 They also put in a splash pad area that I had never seen before.  The kids LOVED that (and got nice and wet).

 And it was the last day of the Lego animals.  The polar bear was definitely my favorite.  Josh thinks they should get rid of all the animals and just have Lego animals.  Much easier to take care of.

 It's kind of hard to read William's shirt but it says "bananas for mommy."  I thought he needed to wear that one to the zoo, and had to get a picture with mommy too.
 Also on Labor day weekend every year we get hot air balloons at the park across the street.  They do it every year and just launch from there and it's so cool to see that happen.  Well, this year they launched on Friday and Saturday like always, but they were also there on Sunday.  So Trav and Kate walked over to see and they were giving rides!  They've never done that before!  So they went on a little hot air balloon ride.  Our neighbor was nice enough to take a picture for us.
 They ran home and woke the rest of us up and me, Josh and Rach ran over and got a ride too!  It only lasted a couple minutes but there was hardly anyone there and it was so fun!  And we were only 3 minutes late to our 9:00 church, which is actually a miracle.

 There's been some bad ducks riding around the neighborhood.  This one is "Hollywood Duck." Neighbors, lock your doors...
 I guess you don't need to worry too much, cowboy Josh will take care of it. 
 And then last night out of nowhere we had a crazy downpour.  We got a ton of rain in a short time and of course someone had to be out there playing in it.  Our road was almost completely flooded over.  So crazy, but so needed. 
So that was our Labor day weekend.  How was yours?