Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Potty Party

My kids are probably going to kill me for posting these pictures since they're getting older...but I LOVE bubble bath kids. They always get good and wrinkly when they bathe in the big tub. It started out fun and innocent....
 Then William got bubbles in his face...
 The party was officially over.
 Ha ha!!

 I've decided that if there's such a thing as 'death by potty training' I'm dangerously close to that line. William has been a PILL to potty train. He has had zero desire so every little victory we have to celebrate. One of my strategies was to throw him a potty party when he got a potty chart filled up. It took FOREVER to get there but we finally did.

When you throw a potty party you definitely need poop cupcakes.

 The kids decorated the house with t.p.

 You've got to play wrap the mummy game!

 And "Toss the diaper"

 Guess what you get to look forward to Jonah!

 I wanted to document the confetti trail (which led to the bathroom)
 Then they played with toilet paper for like an hour.

 I wish I could say that this was the key to being officially potty trained....but we're still working on it. But at least we're headed in the right direction!! And...It was a lot of fun!!

We've also had some killer snowstorms this winter. The kids knew we needed a snowman.

 Aaaaand.....we're super lucky that Batman lives at our house.

(He is pretty cute too.)