Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spectacular September

September is lovely. The weather is starting to cool down..... those blasted allergies are finally getting better......fall is in the air! For our Maughan family night we were able to take a tram ride up Snowbird and it was beeee-utiful!

 Here's the whole gang. How we love this gang!
 It was a little bit chilly up there....
 "Look at my beautiful swirly hands!"

 This is inside the tram. The thing was actually packed, but we got in there early so we could get a window spot.

 It was gorgeous!!
Folks, we've got a new cowboy in town. Keep an eye on your daughters because he's a heart-breaker.

 And good luck if you want to enter Rach and Josh's room. It's got some heavy security.
 Trav, Will and I took a little Sunday afternoon walk to the ponds to feed the ducks.....

 Okay, another good thing about September is that soccer season starts. Yes!! I love it! Josh is on the Wasabi Warriors this year. He's had a lot of good shots on goal but yet to have  one go in. Here he goes again!
 But look at the size difference of the guy he's guarding....

 Kate has matching uniforms with Josh but she's on the Grasshoppers. Aren't they the cutest?
 Flowing ponytails....
 And, mommy is the coach. That's why they're so awesome!!
 Kate is an amazing defender! While everyone plays bunch ball she stays on her post and doesn't let ANYTHING in! The ref asked me last game to keep her away from the goal because the other team couldn't score. Boo hoo for them! (I wish you could sense sarcasm in type)
 She is one tough Grasshopper!
 On her very first game, the ref blew the whistle for the game to be over. The other team all ran off the field to do a cheer, get treats and all that jazz. Kate and one other girl didn't hear the whistle. So...thinking she had a fast break she dribbled the ball all the way down the field....shot it...and scored!!!! It was totally awesome. She was jumping up and down and kept saying "I can't believe it!! I scored!!! The other team wasn't anywhere near me to try to stop me!!! I can't believe it!!!" Everyone on the sidelines cheered and she was strutting around like she just won the world cup. It was awesome!!

I did break the bad news and said the ref had blown the whistle but the goal still totally counted. So now she'll say in her recounting "He blew the whistle, but it still totally counted."  This is going to be a fun season!
 This is the only picture of Rach on the white Knights. I'm sure we'll have lots more but not this round. It's a 5/6 grade team so again, she's one of the smallest and youngest out there. But....size isn't everything. She is definitely one of the best on her team! She's amazing!!
 Over labor day weekend we decided we needed to go on a hike. We went up to Stewart Falls up Provo-ish canyon. It was amazingly beautiful!! There were a ton of people on the trail, but we still had a lot of fun. Rach brought her own camera so she was snapping shots all over the place.

We had to nickname Kate "Stewart" this trip because she kept falling. Ha ha ha! "Stewart Falls" We're so hilarious.
 It was so lush and green everywhere. It was gorgeous!

 We made it!!

 Trav, Rach and Josh hiked to the top of the smaller waterfall. It looked pretty scary from where I was!

 Here's some cool shots of the waterfall....

 Kate and I matched. We totally didn't plan that. Some guy even made a comment about it on the hike up.
It was such a great hike. I totally would do it again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And so it begins.....

School is back! I can honestly say I wasn't quite ready for school to start. That means I'm getting older, the kids are getting older, and I'm just not okay with that. So we (the Maynes and the Clarks and us) decided we needed to have a big end of summer party. I didn't take very many pictures of it but it was an awesome end to an awesome summer. I'm SO happy we have such awesome friends. It's just awesome! (did I say that yet?)

So first we started out at our house for a knee-slappin' hot dog roast dinner.  It was de-lish! We had to play a few rounds of Rollick....because you just have to....
Then we headed over to the Clark's house for a mean game of water balloon volleyball and snow-cones.

 Will played with this lizard and insisted I get his picture with it.

After that we headed over to the Maynes backyard for popcorn and an outdoor movie. SO MUCH FUN, huh? I hope this becomes tradition. So I guess that meant we were ready for "the big day."

They had their new backpacks and new shoes all lined up ready to go.
This year Kate started Kindergarten. I know! I can't believe it either. She's also the kid that was talking like an adult by the time she was 18 months so I've been ready for this for a long time. But when the actual day came....I was bawling like a baby.  At least she's in the same class with her BFF Erika. I'm glad these two have each other. 

Here they are in Mrs. Piper's morning class.
 Kate was pointing to her "cookie." Will just likes an excuse for me to take his picture.
 Here they are lined up at their rocket on their actual first day of "no mommies allowed."
 Miss Rach is in 5th grade this year. Holy schmoley! She's in Mrs. Everton's class and is going to do amazingly well. I can tell already!
 Mr. Two shirt wonder is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Turnbow. It's a 3rd/4th split class. Again....LOVE this teacher and am thrilled for him this year. (he only rotates between 2 shirts in his closet....seriously)
 Here's my kindergartener with her side-kick.
 Posing with the masterful back to school  sign.
 My kids are such good sports because they know I will be camera crazy the first day. So we headed outside.

Who's excited for school this year?
 Who's excited to have actual one-on-one attention?
 Mr. Handsome blurry-hands.

 So then we have back to school night. Where I go around, meet all the teachers, sign up to help and all that jazz. It went really well this year. There was even a little game to play in Rachel's class where I was supposed to guess all her favorites (I totally got them right....some even more right than she did!) And she left me this gem of a note....
 It says: "Dear mom, I love you! School is awesome. You can hug/kiss me anytime! (Except in front of kids my age and older) I suggest we do it at home or alone. Love, Rachel"

Is this really the age that we have arrived at? If it weren't so funny I think I'd be sad.

The 2nd weekend of school they had the daddy/daughter campout which apparently was a lot of fun for the dads and girls. But we had our annual mommy/son date which I totally look forward to. We went to Boondocks, which seems to be our tradition.

As we were waiting for our pizza we got visited by a new friend.....
 Will LOVED him and was high-fiving the daylights out of him until he sat down next to him. They he got all shy and weird. As soon as the dog left Will was talking about him. The pizza there is actually pretty delicious!
 Then it was a night full of arcade games!

 We had a great time!

A couple days later my buddy, Christa, had a baby!! I kept bugging her to send me more and more pictures of Molly (Molly Maynes.....can you even stand how cute that is?!?).  She said Molly needed a picture of me so we could get to know each other before they left the hospital so we snapped this selfie. Erika was hanging out with us that day. So now Molly knows some faces of people that love her!
 I do love the days where we're just all chillin' at home. Some playing Lego's, others just playing. It doesn't happen as much when they're gone at school all day. Love these kids of mine!