Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mr. Jonah

As I was taking off the pictures of the camera for November I noticed a theme....every picture was of Jonah! I'm trying to even think what we did this past month and...yep....all we did was play with this little boy and watch him grow before our eyes.  So here's some of the pictures we took of this little cutie.

Oh I did get one of Kate because she keeps losing her teeth and it's kinda cute. All she wants for Christmas......

There also was a supermoon one night. Trav tried to get pictures of it which never are as cool as the real thing. But I thought this one turned out pretty cool!
Okay, back to Jonah and his cute little overalls.

This is also the first time I captures some good smiles! That stinker hardly ever smiles for the camera!

Sucking his thumb like a boss....
Going in for the sneeze!!
And it's a wonder this little kid is so patient and so chill all the time. Constant pestering....

I did take some of his 4 month pictures with his little tie.

He's now rolling, grabbing and playing with toys and ONLY WAKING UP TWICE  A NIGHT!! (I had to shout that because this is exciting news. I can survive with was the 5 times a night I couldn't handle very well. )
He smiles all the time unless you pull the camera out and laughs at almost anything Josh says. I know Buddy, I think he's goofy too.

Love ya, Babe!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


I love Halloween. I do hate getting all the costumes together. I always feel like we have WAY too much going on....but I still love Halloween. This year the elementary school did a costume parade! I have questioned the whole time we've been here why they don't do that. I love seeing all the kids strutting around, showing off their costumes. My kids were the same and I'm so glad I got to go see them strut. :)

This year Josh was an Indian...
 Rachel was a Hawaiian....
 Kate was a raccoon again....
 It was a fun parade. I then got to go help with Kate's class party later that day.
That night we carved our pumpkins. We didn't get any pictures of the actual carving which is a shame, but we did get a picture of our little pumpkin in Halloween jammies. This also was the first time we pulled out the bumbo.
 He doesn't quite know what to think of it.
But here's the final products in order of who carved them: Jonah (Okay....Rachel did his), Dad, Will, Rach, Mom, Kate. Josh was at a friends house so he did his later.

The next morning was the Mayan Miracle 5k race. This year Trav, Rach and Josh all ran.
 This girl is definitely not camera shy and kept wanting me to take a million pictures of her toothless smile.
 Pre-race jitters....
 I like how Batman is stretching in the background of this picture.
 On your mark....get set....
 And they're off!
 While they ran the rest of us tried to find something to do.
 They have the best breakfast burritos there....Seriously....the best....
 We thought we better go to the finish line in case people started coming in, and it's a good thing! Josh was one of the first people to cross the line!! He was bookin' it SO fast!!
 Look at that time! I was SO proud of him!!!
 Then I was like, "wait....where's daddy and Rachel?"  I kind of expected them to leave HIM in the dust!
 About a minute later, dad came in.
 Rach was only steps behind him.
 Jonah held everyone else's burrito for them while we waited. That line gets LONG as soon as the runners get back so we planned ahead this year.
 Mmmmmm....delicious burritos....

 It was time for the prizes and Josh got 1st place in his age division! I knew he was though because there were NO kids in front of him.

 Rach got 2nd place and was only beat by a few steps by #1. She did get a side ache, but man she did great!
 Picture poser...
 Trav was also awesome but unfortunately he got 4th (in his age division) close to getting a skull trophy...yet so far away.

 It was such a fun race to watch. Then it was time to come home and get our Saturday jobs done. We do it Halloween style around here.
 As the kids were doing their jobs, Trav and I were busy getting the Haunted Forest ready for that night. (I told you life is crazy at Halloween time)

 My favorite new addition for the year.....
 Mr. Bones is always a favorite.
 The forest was great. We had a big turnout but it was exhausting!

The next night was the Schick Halloween party at the Hardy's house.
 As custom, we had to take about a billion pictures before the party started and everyone started peeling costumes off.
 Grandma and Grandpa.
 The Hardy's
 The awesome Maughans...
 The Sheltons.

 Cutest little Polar bear I've ever seen!

 Trav and I were stick people. Trav had several faces so he could switch according to his mood. How do you feel about pictures Trav?

 We had dinner, then a pinata...

 Someone's not very happy he didn't get any candy...

 We were all exhausted before Halloween even started!
 But by Halloween night we were ready to go. And yes....I took more pictures.

 Showing off the tail...

 Trav took the kids trick or treating while Jonah and I chilled out at home, pigging out and passing out candy.

 It's always a fun night when you get to go with the Maynes.
 They got A LOT of candy and we watched Curse of the Were-rabbit when they got home. "Beware the moon!" It was a fun night but I was already feeling bad for the teachers at school the next day.

We also got a skull shaped cake pan from the Mayan Miracle run so we had to try it out. It not only looked really cool thanks to Rachel totally making and decorating the thing itself, but it was also delicious!

 Good job, Rach!
 Now Jonah is going to hypnotize you with his giant, unblinking eyes....

Happy Halloween!!