Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring Soccer

Soccer is back! How I love watching this little people play a game they love!

 This girl can't help but smile as she's on the field.

 She's SO good! SO aggressive and scores (or almost scores) every game.
 She sometimes gets to try out her goalie skills. Josh is giving her a few pointers....
 Wait for it....


 Then there's this kid. Never underestimate the little guy! He has improved SO much and is an amazing soccer player. He nearly scores almost every game and we've seen some fancy footwork dribbling skills from him too.

 This girl has cute little toothpick legs.

 She's also a great defender and has almost scored a few times! Unfortunately I take less and less pictures as the day rolls on. 3 soccer games every Saturday is a long, but fun, day!

9 months

He's officially been out longer than he was "in." Crazy! We sure love this little dude.

 Even when he destroys the sticker ties.

 Kate is always good to keep an eye on him....in a creepy sort of way...

 The sticker was hopeless so I put it on a kid that will actually wear it.

 Sweet little baby foot that's not going to be little for too much longer.
 He always just stares at Erika.

He is honestly the most adored baby I've ever known. The kids can't get enough of him. Who am I kidding? I can't get enough of him either! Love those baby blues and the baby to go with it!

Will is FINALLY 4!!!

I'm not going to lie....3 was a rough year for Will and I. Don't get me wrong! He is smart, funny, sassy, silly, and lights up a room when he's in it. A clown for sure. I love him like CRAZY! But 3 was a hard year. He has a ..... knack for trouble. He's my 4th kid so I'm not saying nobody else got into trouble, but he took it to the next level.

 But it's been funny....ever since he's been 4 (for the past few weeks) he is SO much more mature. (As mature as 4 year olds go) He is a JOY to be around now that he's all grown up. And the trouble radar has gone down significantly. Hallelujah! 

The morning of his big day he woke up to a decorated house and breakfast!

A balloon shaped pancake with sprinkles, to be exact.
 Then after taking the kids to school he "helped" me make some cupcakes.

 We had playgroup at the park that day so we brought cupcakes and called it a party! It was the perfect morning! I then took him out to lunch to his favorite...chick fil a. Yummy.

When we came home he totally crashed and took a nap. Sounds  like a heavenly birthday to me! But when the kids got home...that's when the real fun started! We pulled out the party hats...

 Had crepes for dinner.
 Ha ha! I die looking at this picture! Sorry Trav, I had to include it!

 Then it was present time!!

 This kid likes getting his picture taken. Just sayin'

 He got all kinds of toys that he "needed" and loved them all!

 This one was fun. It's a remote control ladybug that draws as it moves around.
 Then we pulled out the birthday cake! This actually was the cake Trav got me for my birthday but was too sick to eat. So I donated it to Will's birthday instead. It was yummy, even a few days later.

Happy birthday buddy! I can tell 4 is going to be a good year!!