Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catching up

Okay, so since I haven't updated my blog in like 2 months (I know, I'm awful) here is an update on what's been happening in the Kaysville area............

Here's our sweet Kate who isn't so small anymore.  I was trying to get a close-up of her cute teeth.

She sure loves her brother, and he adores her.

Wow, you can see way up that nose.

At Trav's work they had a white elephant gift exchange.  Trav came home with a life-size batman!  It is so cool and definitely the most popular member of our family right now.  They keep fighting over who get's to marry him.  Speaking of marrying, last week Josh said, "Mom I want to marry you, you are so beautiful!"  Now I don't know if he was serious or not, but let's just say Santa is going to be VERY nice to Josh this year.

 We do have a Christmas tree up.  Kate thought it was fun to help decorate for her first Christmas.

And why do little kids always think they can fit through the tinist little cracks?  Kate is notorious for squeezing through places that seem humanly impossible.

I don't think there's a comment for this one.....let's just keep moving along.

 Well, you know what happens when you pull the stockings out and you happen to have 2 feet don't you?

 All kinds of trouble.

Then of course we made it to temple square last week for the annual light trip.  This year has been unusually warm so it was a really plesant night.

 Kate still has a pink nose so I think it was a little cold.

To go see the lights we decided to ride the frontrunner train and forgo trying to park in downtown Salt Lake.  We had never ridden it before and can I say it was awesome!  The stop is like 5 minutes from our house so we rode the train in, no hassle and didn't have to worry about traffic.  You would think we were going on a rocket ship to the moon with how excited the kids were.  It was a blast!

Now most of you may not no this but when I was either 5 or 6 years old, on Christmas morning I was given a special mug full of eggnog.  This is by far the coolest mug in the world. 

As I was drinking the eggnog I looked in my glass and found a treasure inside!

 Two little eyes were peeking up at me.  I thought it was the coolest thing and every year since then I have to drink eggnog out of my special mug.  You may think I'm mean, but I won't even let my kids drink out of it.  But I would love to find a mug for them since they are not allowed to use mine.  Has anyone ever seen something like this to buy?

Well, I know you must be wiping tears of joy from your eyes now that you know I will be updating more often.  I know I am.  Have a very Merry Christmas and be sure on Christmas morning I'll be drinking out of the mug and the kids will be begging to see the bear.  Sorry kids, no dice.

A historical day

Today is one of those days that is going to go down in history. I know you're thinking...."what could it possibly be? What is so special about today? It's not Christmas yet!" Well friends, today I am blogging from home. I know I know. I'll give you a minute to pick yourselves off the floor. As of about 20 minutes ago the Maughan household is on-line. After nearly 9 years of blissful marriage and trying to avoid being tech-saavy, we finally got the internet for the first time. Watch out cyber-world here we come! So you'll probably all be thrilled to hear my blog will most likely be update more than once every 2 months. Woot woot!