Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Happenings

Christmas has come and gone again. We had So much fun. Here's a bunch of pictures of all we've been up to. Rach got some tinkerbell jammies that she's very proud of.

This is what Josh did most of the morning.

They spent the afternoon being pulled by a 4-wheeler on sleds in the backyard. No, we're not in Hollywood despite how my kids are dressed.

We helped cousin Milo make some cookies. Some helped more than others.

Most of the morning was spent putting Rachel's new Barbie house together. Who would've thought it would be a bit of a challenge for an architect?
I had to throw this one in. It's the Christmas Elk that hangs over the stairs. I thought it was very festive. The day after Christmas we went up to the Schick cabin to spend some "cozy" quality time together. (With 4 kids younger than Josh, who is 2, you can't help being cozy). Most of the time was spent sledding and playing in the snow.I can't put my arms down!

This is by far my favorite picture. Looks like two troublemakers to me.

We also spent some time making more treats. You can never have too many.

Does anyone else see a theme in Josh's pictures?

I just thought this one was cute. Obviously it was from our trip to temple square.

As for an update on the baby....I had another ultrasound yesterday. They found some fluid in the kidneys in the first ultrasound, so I've had 2 more since to see if it's going to be a problem. The amount of fluid is just barely over the "normal" line so they don't seem too concerned, but it's been fun to be able to see the little kiddo more than I normally would have. They said it looks okay but they'll have to take an ultrasound of the baby after it's born. Only 5 weeks to go! Isn't that crazy?

We still aren't sure when the move in date for the house is going to be. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But we're still totally excited and know we made the right choice. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just FYI, we really don't have all those wierd marks on our faces in the picture. I think the scanner was dirty. I'll try again someday, but for now just enjoy what you get.

It's a miracle!

I know you are all completely amazed. This is a day to write about in your journals. We finally started a blog! I figured I keep e-mailing everyone and have all these things I want to say and pictures I want to show so why not just have a blog? Please try to contain your excitement. I'm still learning so be patient if it's not the most glorious blog you've ever seen, but don't worry, it soon will be. I'm finally taking the plunge. I think Josh is ready to take the plunge too. What do you think?

As for an update on our little family and our insane house situation....well I hope you all have some white-out (becuase I know when you got our Christmas cards you immidiately wrote our new address down). We are no longer moving to South Jordan, we're moving to Disneyland, oh wait, I mean Kaysville! WHAT?!?

Well, we were having a heck of a time deciding between 2 houses, South Jordan and Kaysville (obviously) and not getting any inspiration we decided to go with South Jordan. Well, it took about 2 days before I started second guessing our decision and really thinking we made the wrong choice. I thought it was just nerves, but when we went back to the house for the inspection I just wanted to cry because I knew it wasn't our house. (The crumbling foundation and sloping garage didn't help calm my nerves either). So the next day I went back to the Kaysville house to see what it felt like, and it was like going home. The house is perfect for us and we LOVE it! Thankfully Trav was having the same reservations I was so the decision was easy to make. So we put an offer in on the Kaysville house and got it straight up....exactly the same price as South Jordan.

So we went from being homeless to having 2 houses under contract at the same time. We now only have 1 house under contract and it is definitely the right house. We had the inspection today and it passed with flying colors. Even has a stream in the backyard! Ooooooo. That's going to be so much fun. I actually took my camera to the house today, but totally didn't take any pictures, so I don't have any pictures of our house. But I do have a picture of the house we are living in now. Being homeless isn't so bad is it?

So we after putting 4 offers on 4 different houses, we finally got the right one. 4 is my lucky number so it was fate that we had to get the 4th one. (long story on all the others ones that fell through) We're not sure when we're moving in yet but at least by January 20th. We're pushing for sooner since the baby is coming around February 5th. Wow, it's insane right now.

But I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I thought I'd at least throw in a Christmas picture for you. They look excited don't they?