Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

For Christmas Rachel got some baking supplies from grandma and grandpa. We've been the ones that got the gift from the gift. 

 We had a pre-New Years Eve party with our favorite friends, the Maynes. They couldn't party on the real holiday because of Nate's work schedule so we had to improvise. There were lots of treats, games and we had a great time. But of course I didn't take any pictures (totally lame).

On the real New Years Eve we had to party again. I introduced the kids to Italian Cream Sodas (Yumm!!)

We also dressed accordingly....

 We pulled out a puzzle

 And of course we had the glow stick dance party. Some of our pictures turned out really cool!
 Josh wore his new "sound wave shirt" That is especially cool for the dance party.

 The final countdown....everyone but Jonah made it to midnight!

 Luckily we have our own personal fireworks show for every holiday.

Happy New Year!!
We had to get a picture of this handsome little dude in his church duds.

And just because he's super cute in his raccoon jammies too...
(and Kate can't resist cute raccoons)

Will was flying like batman. And as a side note....we went shopping at Smith's yesterday and he wore his batman mask and cape. Everyone kept calling him Batman and by the end of our shopping trip he was SO mad! He couldn't believe that everyone thought he was Batman and not Will. It was actually hilarious for how mad and annoyed he was. Ha ha!
You talkin' to me?
Jonah blinks a lot when I take pictures so I sometimes have to include those.

Raccoon-mania! I don't think Jonah loves raccoons as much as Kate Look at that lip!

For all our kids we've done that "box" picture. Jonah was not super happy about sitting in a box.
We finally convinced him though.

Ummmm...I think they're related.....

Will doesn't need naps (he thinks) but sometimes he'll just pass out wherever he lands.

And this raccoon can use the will not sleep at night.....
Here's the comparison for all the "box" pictures. Yeah...I think they're related...Can you tell who's who?

Happy 2017!