Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just a little announcement........


The teams are now even, but we are SO excited for April. 
This boy really loves hot chocolate. I can tell already.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


To say the very least...there is never a dull moment when Kate is around.  She is a little firecracker that knows how to take charge and is way too smart for anyone's good.  But man, she is the cutest little thing you'll ever lay eyes on when she's in a good mood.  This little girl finally got her "big girl bed."  She is very proud of it and now everything has to be big (forks, drinks, car seats, whatever...) because she's not a baby anymore.

After her first night of being in the big girl bed she tip-toed into out bedroom the next morning and said "Surprise!"  She was so pleased.  Typically in the mornings she would yell as loud as she could from her crib "I want to get out!  Hurry Mom!"  over and over until I came.  It's a nice change.
 Problem is, it gets a little full when everyone's in it.  This girl has always been a little obsessed with books.  Okay, when I say a little I actually mean a lot.  Last week she was supposed to be napping and I kept hearing "bang bang bang!" coming from her room like something was hitting the wall.  Rach and I went in to investigate to find about 40 books piled high on her bed, falling over and hitting the wall.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.  Some kids have blankets, or stuffed animals they can't sleep without.  She has to have a pile of books.
 We were happy for the big snow storm that came.  I guess we can finally admit that winter is coming.  I guess there are some good things about winter, they're just hard to find sometimes.  We spent the morning sledding.

 My favorite was when they decided to go down "penguin style" with no sled.  It looked so funny.  Rach would shoot down a hundred miles an hour. 

 I remember hearing when I was pregnant with Rachel that you should have a place to write down all of the funny things your kids say because you won't want to forget them.  So I've been doing that and keeping journals for all my kids.  Well, with Kate I'm having a hard time because pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth should be written in that book.  When the vocabulary of a grown up comes out of a 2 year old bodies mouth, of course it sounds funny.  And she's so reasonable too.  She uses big words (like "actually") correctly.

Yesterday we had the kids SEP's at the school to meet with their teachers and have them tell me how awesome they are.  I already knew all that.  When we were talking to Josh's teacher, Mrs. Perry, Kate interrupts and says, "Mrs. Perry!  Guess what?  I know how to spell muffin.  A-O-J-S."  Mrs.Perry was impressed and asked how old she was.  "I'm 2 but my birthday is in February.  I'm going to have a birthday cake.  Right now it's my dad's birthday but I'll be in February.  I know how to spell 'covered' too!  S-A-J-O."  This continued on throughout the whole meeting and Mrs. Perry thought Kate should jump right in to 5th grade.  She'd show those 5th graders a thing or two.  Then as were were walking out the door she said, "Mrs. Perry, the other day I said "Gosh!"" (but imagine it Napoleon Dynamite style)  Well, we were all laughing so hard, including the people next in line.

But what can you do when all that comes out of this little face?  Oh how I love that girl!
 Even though she's silly you'd better watch out.  Because nobody messes with this boy's little sister!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Before I get into the Halloween nonsense, let's start on a happy, peaceful note.  UEA.  How I love UEA.  We spent it this year up at my parents cabin.  It was gorgeous, relaxing and so
 much fun.  These two little sillies dubbed themselves to being the "Squirrel Girls" since they spent most of the trip feeding Daisy (the squirrel)

 We went on long walks....
 And jumped on the tramp in the middle of the forest.. Nothing is better than that!

 Then it was back home to jump in some more leaves.....
 This is Kate dancing to the song "Thriller."  Yes, she put her pants on by herself after going potty.  Without my help this is usually how they end up.
 Here's our cute little pumpkin Rach. 
 Now onto Halloween.....Here's the thing........  I actually LOVE Halloween.  I think it is such a fun holiday (although getting costumes ready always stresses me out), and what a way to get tons of candy.  One of my many weaknesses.  But let me just paint you a little picture of how the past 5 days have gone and why I am thrilled that Halloween is over. 

First of all, on Sunday night we had a Schick Halloween party at my sister Aimee's house.  We got all dolled up in our costumes and of course I had to take a bunch of pictures which is good because I totally failed in that department on Halloween night.  So here we are, all excited for our first Halloween party this year.
 We had a supercool Batman.....
 The cutest little cowgirl west of the Mississippi....
 And the most beautiful Snow White that anyone has ever laid eyes on.....
 We had Dr. Venkman ready to take on all those ghosts.....and then guess what I got voted to be?
 The Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Didn't get a single of me, but really it's okay.  And yes I am pregnant, but no that is not my real belly (or legs).  How rude! 
 Here's at Aimee's house, a family shot....
 And we had to get an action shot of this.....
 Then on Monday night, we had a murder mystery dinner at Trav's sister's house with all the Maughan clan.  We had to dress up for this one too, but we all had "parts" so they had to be specific costumes.  Here are some of the Indians....Tiger Lily, Little Bear, and Dances with Wolves....
 And here's the Indians with Hope Clifton, the ranchers daughter, and Slash Jackson, the outlaw.  Neither of which were the murderers.
 Then on Tuesday, we had our second annual haunted forest.  I must say it turned out great this year!  We have added a graveyard...
 Spooky skeletons....
 A giant spider.....
 And this ghost freaked a lot of people out too....
 We had lots of spooky pictures (drawn by Rachel), pumpkin luminaries, and of course don't forget the slide of death (off of the treehouse).  Everyone had a great time and we had a really good turn out.  Like most nights we have friends over the kids ended up playing "Ghost in the Graveyard" which was very fitting.

Now this is the only picture I really got of them on Halloween night.  They had a blast and got some major candy.  This is all after they had class parties at school (which I helped out with Josh's)
So as you can see we are a little Halloweened out.  I wanted today to be my day of rest but now I have to undecorate, get my house back in order, and Trav's out of town.  Guess I'll rest next week.  At least I have lots of chocolate to tide me over until then.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So much

So much has happened in the last month I will just briefly show what's been going on.  First of all there was a daddy daughter campout.  They talk about this all year long and always have such a good time.  This year there was a friendly bunny there too. Don't worry, Josh and I look forward to have a mommy  son date too when they're gone. 

 There's always puddle jumping after the big rainstorms....
 We hiked up Baer Creek Canyon, which is the same creek that is in our backyard.  It was such a gorgeous hike.....I can't believe we hadn't done it before.  It will definitely not be our last time.
 I must be really good at brushing my teeth because my smile is just shining.  And I don't remember Rach washing her face so good either. 

 Then Rach had a pool party with her soccer team at her coaches house and the entire family was invited.
 Yes, Trav was the only parent that swam.  He really is the best daddy ever.
 We went to the Kaysville firestation open house.  We got to have treats, spray the hoses and even watch a helicopter take off.  It's always fun.

 Kate was right in her element.
 Here's the best buddies.  Okay can I start a blog petition to help keep these buddies from moving away?  They are moving in about a month and we cannot imagine not  having them next door anymore.  How are we going to survive?
 Oh, and we also got a new van!  It's very fancy and we love it!
 It's also has a lot of space to grow.....
 We also went up to snowbasin to see the leaves and take a few pictures.  It was so gorgeous up there.

Happy fall!