Friday, June 9, 2017

Mother's Day!

Honestly the best day of the year!! I woke up to breakfast in bed, gifts from the kids (both homemade and store bought. I was totally spoiled! I even got new dishes!!!), amazing church, I'm pretty sure I even got a nap that day. And I got a cute picture with my favorite little people. We had a great dinner with the Maughan's that night at "The Ranch," and I felt so loved all day long. I'm pretty sure that's how mom's are supposed to feel on that day.

 Seriously the luckiest mama in the world!!

One of my gifts was the game Bop It (which we've played a million times and I totally creamed everyone in...might I add) Will lovingly fell asleep with it one afternoon.
 This kid keeps growing like a weed.
 Same with this crazy kid.

 Love those little toothy grins.
 Once in a while I'll go to get Jonah up from his nap to find this situation going on.

At least they're cute buddies and like each other. I hope it stays that way.

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