Monday, August 22, 2016

That's some fast food

Josh had his very first pinewood derby last week! This is something Trav (and Josh) had been looking forward to for a long time. When Trav asked Josh what kind of a car he wanted to make, Josh said "A twinkie car!" I'm pretty sure that's not what Trav had in mind.

But here's all the cars lined up ready to go.

Let the races begin!

 They each had to race 6 races and Josh's twinkie car actually did really well and won most of the races!

He got 3rd place overall which didn't actually win a prize, but he won the prize for the most creative car. With the prize being a 2 liter of soda.....that was right up this boys alley.

 Way to go Twinkie team!

 Frosting and all....
 With summer quickly winding down, Trav was dying to go camping. Jonah and I still weren't up for a camping trip, so this awesome husband of mine packed up 4 kids and without a reservation anywhere headed off to the Uintah's to go camping!

I know I can't give the trip justice for what went on since I wasn't there but I heard that it was a super bumpy road to drive on, they only caught 2 fish, they miraculously got a camping spot (not in the campground though), it was really cold at night (to Josh's dismay he had to wear pants) but they had a great time!

Here's some pictures from their adventure....

 This is a picture of cooking the fish. William has officially sworn off eating fish after watching daddy gut one. He used to like it but won't touch it anymore. I feel the same way, buddy.
 I'm glad they had a good little getaway, and I'm especially glad I was able to have a quiet-ish weekend at home with my new little man.

1 month

I hate to admit it, but the first month of a baby's life is always kind of a blur. I know it's great....and hard....and an adjustment. I remember never leaving the house and trying to nap when I could. Then there's breastfeeding....the bane of my existence. I know my kids were all there all the time (and am grateful that they somehow survived). I know I got a TON of help....mostly from Trav. I really couldn't survive without that guy. But the details and the precious moments of this sweet baby's life are all kind of jumbled together. Which is sad!

Luckily, we did manage to take a few pictures to document this crazy time in our lives. First of all....I'm not sure how, but Rachel got this great idea of building out scenes from the scriptures with legos. This is Lehi's dream: Complete with the tree of life, the iron rod, the great and spacious building, the river...and everything else in between. I thought it was so clever! She also did several other scenes but we didn't take any pictures. (2000 stripling warriors, and Samuel the Lamanite). That was an awesome summer time filler activity.
 Since Jonah was only days old when the 24th of July rolled around we made due with doing our own fireworks at home. I don't think he saw much.

 Nice shirt, buster. It'd be funny if it weren't true!
 And now here's a portion of the millions of pictures we took of this sweet boy. I sure do love this kid!
 He is Mr. Popularity at our house too. Everyone loves him (but Will doesn't seem to love the sing-a-ma-jig singing) Kate will do anything to keep this little boy entertained.
 My boys!

 I just love all those little facial expressions, and wonder what is going on in that little mind.
 I wanted to get a picture of him in Rachel's giant bean bag. Only one of us thought it was a good idea....
 Oh! I do have other kids too. Luckily, they are pretty good at entertaining themselves because mommy hasn't be "there" all the time. This was a day they played with their toy lizards they got from the dentist and each made a lizard house. I love how creative they are.
 Jonah's first attempt at the gym.
 My sister, Heather, also moved back to Utah at this time too!!! Hooray!! It's been really fun having our cousins that we usually hardly ever see, just pop in and hang out. We're hoping they stick around for a while.
 He's too cute when he sleeps.
 Here's his first ride in the swing. I don't think he knows what to even think!
 And officially 1 month old! Holy cow!! I have survived one month with 5 kids. Success!!

He's not the best sleeper in the world....but also not the worst. Feeding him is still really challenging....but it's getting better. Every day he's getting a little more alert and we're starting to hear the very first baby talking sounds which is super cute. Needlesstosay, the world has been a much better place in the past month for having this little dude around. Love ya, Jonah!