Monday, June 27, 2016

Best Dad EVER

Okay, I know I've said this before and I will say it again until my face turns blue....but these kids have THE best dad in the whole world. I hope they know how lucky they really are. 

We've been doing monthly dates with the kids and here's some pictures from Trav's last date with Kate. They went on a hike together and had a great time.

 William got a new pool to swim in this summer. He doesn't like the big pool next door so we had to get something more for his taste.

 Will always loves to help daddy when he's working from home.
 This year for Father's day we were actually at a family reunion in Idaho. So we had to have everything ready early and sneakily packed into the car without daddy finding out. It was a success! The kids loved giving him lots of treats with notes attached to them.
 We knew he was missing out on the Dad's root beer the typically hand out during church so we had to make up for that.
We also got 2 new Joey stories done.

They all gave him hugs but for some reason there was a photo-bomber in every single picture.

 We had to get a picture of him modeling his new shirt as well. Kate picked it out and I think it's perfect!

 After being postponed for bad weather they also had the Father/Son campout. Here's a picture of the gigantic fire they built.....(only at fathers and sons.....)

 The boys liked sleeping in the back of the truck. One of the first things Will said when they got back was "I slept in the truck and me and Josh saw a shooting star!!" I love that they're making these memories.
 Trav got up early for a walk and ran into a buddy.
 The boys are still snoozing.
 I like Josh's reflection in this picture.
 Camp-outs, hiking, working, playing....yep. They really do have the best dad ever!

An end and a beginning

We've been talking for months about letting Rach and Josh split up and have their own rooms. They have ALWAYS shared a room. Since Josh was out of the cradle and in a room he was sharing with Rach..... so this was a big deal. They both were excited but also a little hesitant about such a drastic change. They actually were really awesome roommates and got along really well (for the most part). 

So since we have another baby on the way and there will never be another chance for them to have their own rooms we decided now or never. So for a few short months they will get a taste of what's it like to have your own space. Too bad it won't last too long. Here's Rachel's finished product room.

 This is the moving process of getting Josh out of there.

 And Josh's final room. Okay....Josh isn't technically alone because I guess he does have to share with magician. But he's a pretty low-maintenance roommate.

 Then on Memorial Day we got to go test out the Jones' pool for the first time this year! It was heaven!!

 Will likes the security of having 2 floaties....not just one.

 Okay...these two were being so adorable I couldn't stop taking pictures....

 Then after field-trips, programs, end of year testing, field day, auctions, pizza parties, awards ceremonies (and all the other stuff they throw in there to torture parents into thinking they can't wait for summer to start just to stop having to go to "one more thing") the kids are done with school!!!  Josh was one of the top readers in his class so he got to bring home a giant soda. (look at Will salivating. Ha ha!)
 And here's our last day of school pictures. Kate wanted "W" in her picture. She is my kindergarten graduate. She did amazingly awesome this year. Mrs. Piper only had the best of the best to say about this sweet girl. She was spot on.
 Josh graduated with flying colors from 3rd grade. Again...Mrs. Turnbow could only rant and rave at what a good boy he is and again...she was totally right.

 And I can't believe Miss Rach will soon be a 6th grader after graduating from 5th grade. She had an awesome year and did SO well in everything. Makes a mama proud!
 My little graduates....

Rachel even got the "Great American Award." This was totally optional and she was the only one in the WHOLE GRADE to get it! Many were close.....but only 1 succeeded. She had to do things like memorize the Gettyburg address, The Preamble, Pass off all the states and capitals, and some other stuff that I can't remember. I didn't even know she was trying to get this award but it goes to show how much drive and determination this girl has when her mind is made up. Way to go Rach!!! She also was the fastest girl in 5th grade and got an award for that too. So awesome!!
 But now that summer is here we've been doing a lot of this....
 And this.....
 And when there's a beautiful summer rain storm we might do this.....

 Sometimes you just drop where you're at.....
 Or look really guilty like you're up to something.....
I love being able to sleep in (a little), hang around in jammies, and try not to have too much of a schedule so we can just play! We love you summer!!