Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in the air!

Even though it feels like spring outside...it actually is Christmastime. I know! That's so crazy! We have been doing Christmas-y things around here too. First of all we had to decorate the tree.

 It gets a little weird around here after not too long....

 Here's my 3 super helpers who did most of the decorating.....

 These kids are just so cute I can't even stand it.
 Josh finished off his basketball season. It was a great season and so much fun! He has improved a ton since last year.

Keep your eye on the ball...
 And can I say it's a good thing these two are cute.....

 .....with how much trouble they can cause.
 Strider found his new favorite place in the house to nap. Now it's filled with presents and he took the liberty of unwrapping one for us. Thanks, buddy.
 William has been giving Santa rides all over the house.
 Rachel made the cutest gingerbread girl I've ever seen....glasses and all.
 No comment....
 Our Elf, Dasher has been busy this year. Usually he just moves from one place to the next but once in a while he'll do something creative. One morning we woke up to a full-blown air battle in the kitchen. All of our flying toys were involved. The picture just doesn't do it justice.


We also woke up to a snowball fight...the "snowballs" didn't even make it though breakfast.

 The kids had asked him to make it snow so when the air toys came down we woke up to a winter wonderland. Again...the picture doesn't do it justice.

I asked Will to go stand by the tree so I could take a picture. He's always very good at "cheese."
Don't let this innocent little face kid you.
 This is the look I usually get during the day. Up to mischief....

 Jammy morning pictures are my fav.
 And here's our little family shot.
 Here's our big family shot at the Maughan Christmas party.
 Truffle anyone?

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ye haw!

Just as a side note before I talk about riding horsies.....we found the tip of Strider's tail! I only mention this because in my last post I had said we hadn't found it. I was imagining it peacefully resting somewhere OUTSIDE. Well, Trav found it last week INSIDE the house!!! 
I know!! That was like the grossest thing I have ever seen. A dead cat tail, in my house, unknown for weeks. Blah! I really probably shouldn't even mention this on my blog for the world to know but now you know our dirty little secret. 

Just in my defense as a housekeeper, it was in the "toy room" in a box that had about 3 toys in it so I never really look in there and the kids hardly ever play in the toy room too (go figure.) So our house really isn't as disgusting as you may be thinking after learning this bit of information.  I do get solace in the fact that I know nobody really reads this blog except for me so the world really won't know. 

Okay, moving on.

We got to go to Wendy and Gary's house a few weeks ago. They so kindly offered to let us ride their horses. This was SO cool and such a fun experience. I'm so glad they are willing to share.The kids loved it! (Oh I loved it too, who am I kidding?)

 We took lots and lots of pictures in case you were wondering.
 It was even better because Kate was able to bring her "BFF" Erika. It was a ton of fun to have her there too.
 This electric fence is turned off right?

 I'm thinking this was William's first time on a horse too. I know he was there last year when we rode but I'm pretty sure we didn't even "try" because he was so small. He liked watching the horsies, but wasn't too sure what to think while riding them.

 We had to get one quick picture all alone.
 Best buddies!

 He did love playing in the dirt and horse pies (is that really what you call it? Probably not) He did look like a total stud in his cowboy outfit.

Josh was all decked out too. Boots and all!

 After we wore the horses out we helped feed them too, whether they wanted help or not.
 This is my favorite picture of all! Do you notice anything out of the ordinary?
"Trav, can you hear me now?"

Ah, life on the range! It was a great day.