Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Em's 15 seconds of fame

That's right. I'm officially a model.  A maternity model in the brightest blue skinny jeans you've ever seen, nonetheless.  

 But I do have to admit it was fun!  For someone that has zero fashion sense and hates to shop it was nice for someone to tell me what I should wear.  And yeah, my kids thought it was so cool I was on t.v. Here's proof to my baby that I actually was pregnant....you know, besides the fact that he will be here.

 Here's the only picture I have of being pregnant with Kate.....

I'll take the modeling picture, thanks.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Bash

Oh man, did we have a birthday bash!  But first I've got to share a few favs of the past few weeks.  Here we have Hollywood #1 and #2.

 Now that the snows finally melted Josh was out looking for bugs.
I think he found one that was scary.  Ha ha.  I can't stop laughing looking at this picture.

 This is how many evenings end up.  Dad playing a game with the kiddos watching and Kate falling asleep on his shoulder.  No, it's not even bedtime yet.  She got her mommy's tolerance for watching t.v. when she's tired.

 Now, let's move on to the birthday!  It was Trav's birthday last Saturday.  He has been working so stinking hard lately he NEVER has time for fun.  So since his birthday was on Saturday we had an entire day devoted to having fun and NO work was allowed.  We had a yummy breakfast, opened gifts....

 Then off to the Trampoline park.  We had never been there before so didn't quite know what to expect.  It was so much fun!  (And I only got to watch)  I definitely want to go back when I can jump without fear of having a baby pop out. It looked like a blast.  I couldn't narrow down the pictures.  Lots of them are blurry but so funny.  I kind of want to crop them out and put them in random pictures and see how it turns out.  Hmmmm...maybe that will be my next project to waste time.

 Yes, this is mid-jump....ha ha.
 Kate kept laughing at her ponytail in this one.  Gotta admit, I love it.
 Kate wouldn't go in the "kid zone" she had to be where all the big stuff was and she couldn't get up.  But this girl is persistent.   
 And with a little help from big sister....
 She was so proud to make it to the top of the slide.
 Nice undies, Spiderman.

 After everyone was sufficiently worn out we went to the park to have a picnic lunch and lounge in the sun.  It was a gorgeous day.

 We even fed the ducks (which are a lot nicer than the ones by our house)

It was then home for some cake and a rest before the final installment of the date. 

I took Trav out to dinner that night and then we ended the night with a Led Zepplin laser show at Clark planetarium.  I haven't been to one of those in years.  It was so much fun.  Hope my honey had a good day of no work.  He totally deserves it.  Wish it could be more than once a year!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

winter winter winter

Well, to say that everyone in Utah is sick of winter is an understatement.  Thank goodness we've had some warmer days and spring is on the horizon.  But just because it's been gloomy outside doesn't mean that we didn't have any fun!  I had to throw this one in because who can resist that cute little face?  She was one of my sneaky helpers to go decorate daddy's car at the park and ride for Valentine's.  Bet his carpool was surprised!
 Here's my 3 little Valentine's with their stash.....
 And guess what Trav got for Valentine's?
 So this isn't the best picture in the world but I remember going through all of the pictures when I was pregnant with Kate and there was only one picture of me pregnant, and it's me with a Darth Vader mask on.  So, since I'm always the picture taker and hardly ever the picture inner, I had Josh take a picture of me so when this baby is born he will know that he has a loving mother, and not just a Darth Vader mom.  So this is me at 33 weeks.
 I did take the kids to the last free zoo day of the season with my sister.  It was a much needed outing and the kids had a great time.  We love cousins!  Here's a bunch of monkey's...
 A ride on the merry-go-round....
 Josh was pretending to be the polar bear....

 Kate had the appropriate glasses on for the zoo....
 Then last weekend we decided to go on a family hike.  We just went up a little canyon in Layton.  We'll have to try it again after the snow's gone.  It was really nice and SO good to be out in the fresh air, not this smoggy stuff we've been breathing.
 Mr. Handsome....
 Here's who was bringing up the tail...
 The 3 musketeers...
 Josh was an awesome trail leader.  It's not easy hiking in the snow but they all did great.
I can't believe that in a few short weeks we'll have another one!  Here's to a happy spring and to April babies!!!