Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Firsts....

Well we'll start with the first day of school.  We now have ourselves a 2nd grader,

And a kindergartener.   They were both so excited and so far so good.
  It was funny because when we were eating breakfast that first day of school Rachel says to Kate, "Okay Kate.  Now me and Josh are going to be at school so you need to be nice to mom.  You can't just boss her around all day.  Instead of saying "I want my milk!"  You should say "Mom, can I please have my milk?"  Me and Josh aren't going to be here to help so you have to be nice.  Got it?" 

I'm not going to lie, I loved that conversation.

We also had Kate's first hike up Ensign peak.  
 My first time ever bottling peaches.
 And once or twice a year we get hot air balloons at the park across the street from our house.  We had it 2 days in a row this year.  They are a spectacular sight!
 Josh came up with a new method over plugging your nose.....
 We went to the Natural History Museum for the first time.  It was so cool and we could have spent so much more time there (if it hadn't had been naptime).

 We went to the State Fair.  Okay, this one isn't a first but we still had fun!

 We went to the zoo and saw all the new Polar stuff for the fist time.  It's awesome!  They did a great job on that remodel.
 The whole crew waiting for the bird show.....
 And this is the biggest first of all.......Rachel scored her first goal EVER!  I can honestly say that was one of the happiest moment of MY life.  She was so excited and it was a totally awesome goal.  We always told her that if she scored a goal she could get a giant ice cream cone. 
 Ahhh, the sweet taste of victory.  I'm so proud of her!
 And after 2 floods in 2 weeks we decided to get a new toilet.  Yes this is  a first.  A potty on the deck.  Or should we just call it Trav's new "mancave."  Hope the neighbors don't mind...
And I don't have a picture for this last one but we were having a bbq outside a couple weeks ago and it was smoking like crazy.  Okay, this was not a fire but a little charcoal bbq and our whole yard was full of smoke, and the neighbors yard, and the street.  We kept thinking there was no way that our little bbq was producing that much smoke but apparently it was.  Well, a few minutes later our neighbor came over to check and make sure that our forest wasn't on fire and he said, "The fire department just showed up."  What!?!  We had a fire truck, and 3 firemen come and investigate our house because of all the smoke.  It was pretty embarrassing, but so so funny.  They were cool about it and checked around and just laughed.  Well, about 10 minutes later our bbq stopped smoking and there was still a ton of smoke everywhere.  We had been framed!  Our neighbors had a fire and must have been burning totally green stuff because of all the smoke.  We didn't realize they were having one earlier because of all our smoke.  I just hope we don't have a black mark by our name at the fire department. 

That definitely was a first!