Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthdays and Boating

Wow I have a lot of pictures today, so sit back, relax and make yourselves comfortable. We've had a lot going on and I'm going to share!

Yesterday we were so lucky to go on our first boating trip of the year. Since I couldn't wakeboard last year I was nervous I wouldn't do too great, but surprisingly I got right up and went until my arms couldn't possible hold on any longer. Yeah, I'm sore to the point where I can barely move, but it was really fun. The kids liked the boat ride too.

Here's Kate in her very fashionable life jacket. No she can't move.

Rach and Josh's favorite part was sitting on the floor and being knocked over by the bumpy boat (and eating suckers, of course)

This is what happened when we said, "Let's go swim around the boat!" Look at Josh's face.

Much happier just sitting on top and not in the cold water.

Last week my mom gave Josh a Superman cape, just because (awesome D.I. find). He wears it everywhere we go. I think Rachel likes it too.

He's showing off his super-big muscles.

Daddy was having a hard time moving this monster rock in our yard so superman decided to help.

"Get out of the way Dad, I'll do it myself."

And of course, Superman needs to fly.

And Josh got his Christmas wish early.....a mowhawk.

Don't forget the side view.

Rach was watching the epic event and thought it was pretty funny.

Here's the shaving taking place. Josh wasn't too sure until he saw the finished product.

And finally......Rachel turned 5! I can't believe she's that old already.

We got her a new bike! She loves it and rides it all over the place. Now Josh needs to have his legs grow a couple inches so he can ride his trike along with her.

Here's openeing all the presents.

And her request for what to do on her birthday is to go swimming. We had a blast and love that little girl so much. I guess she's not too little anymore.

We took Kate swimming too. Here's her cute little suit.

Here's one more of my little superman.

And happy Father's day to the best daddy in the world! I know you all are thinking "No my husband is the best" which I hope you all are. There are so many good daddy's out there, but I really think my kids got the cream of the crop. They do too....

And what more could the best daddy want than a giant bag of gummy bears!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for me....

Wow we've had an eventful 2 weeks, so I guess I'll just tell it in the order that the pictures got uploaded. This week for FHE we decided to go to Antelope Island. I haven't been there in years and we only live a few minutes away so it seemed like a good idea. We took a picnic dinner to eat (FYI, A Fresh Market (previously know as Albertsons) has an 8 piece fried chicken dinner for $3.99 on Mondays. It's absolutely delicious). Unfortunately we didn't realize how many bugs there would be there! They were everywhere, landing on the food, and biting us. We had to eat as fast as humanly possible so we wouldn't eat too many bugs. Yuck!

But after a speed dinner we went and played in the fragrant water of the Salt Lake. The kids had lots of fun.

This is Josh throwing a tantrum in the middle of the Salt Lake. He got his shorts wet and was sad and refused to walk after that. It was pretty little drama queen. (ummm I mean king)

It didn't take long to perk him back up after that. He liked his name in the sand.

It was so beautiful with the sun setting. All I could see were silouettes.

Daddy showed them how to skip rocks.

You can't tell from here, but Kate had about 25 gnats on her head during this picture. I'm such a mean mom but I wanted the two of us documented that we were there too. She was covered up with a blanket the rest of the time, but not before getting a few bites on here head. We were all covered with bites by the time we got home.

This was one of those few precious days where the sun shone. Don't get too wet Rach.... Just your hair.

We also found a way to remedy the fact Josh can't ride his trike yet.

This is going out to play on a rainy day. Yes, they got dressed themselves.

Last week we went to Lagoon for my parents stake lagoon day. Of course the favorite part was the water fountain. They also liked the bumper cars even though Josh just spun in backward circles the whole time.

And as for Kate......
After a follow up appointment at the eye doctor we found that her vision was being affected by the hemangioma. So now we have to patch her good eye for 2 hours every day so she doesn't get lazy eye. We also are going to have to get her glasses (please pray for me on that one, that we can actually keep them on her face). They also wanted to start her on a medicine that will help shrink the hemangioma. Before they started her on the medicine we had to get an echo-cardiogram to make sure her heart was strong enough to take the medicine that can lower her blood pressure. Her heart looks perfect so we started the medicine on Monday. Now we just have to wait and pray that all goes well and we can get this thing fixed.
Despite all that we're putting her through she is the happiest and calmest baby ever. I am so amazed at how good she is and so thankful that we live close to Primary Children's hospital since we are becoming quite frequent visitors there.
Here's our cute little pirate in one of her stylish patches. She actually doesn't seem to mind them too much, but is always happy when I take it off.

I just had to show off this cute little outfit. Thanks Kim. We love it!

All in all, life is good.