Thursday, May 26, 2016

Number 9 is fine!

So about 15 minutes ago I had an adorable baby boy. Then I blinked and he is now 9 years old! Holy cow! But this isn't just any ordinary boy. He is the best of the best. He is good to the core. 

For his party this year he decided that he wanted to invite just a few friends and go swimming at Surf N' Swim. We did it the week before his birthday because this was the last day the "bubble" would be on. Here he is at a pool for his birthday with his buddies and he's still the best big brother ever. See what I mean? Golden.

I just thought this one was funny of Kate. Ha ha!
 It was just our little family and 4 of Josh's buddies and they all had a great time! I don't mind one bit sitting on the side snapping pictures of all the happenings. They all looked like they were having a great time.

 I really love Josh's friends. They are awesome boys too.

 Here's the boys: Noah's back, Corbin, Josh's back, Brody and Cruz. They did tell me the water was pretty cold.
 These guys look like they're up to trouble.
 Will just chillaxed in the tube most of the time.

 Will loves Josh's friend Cruz, and Cruz adores Will. I thought it was cute that they kind of went off together to play for a while.

 After swimming we headed next door to the park for pizza, presents and cupcakes. I think this is the only picture I got of all the kids. I know...lame....
 One of the highlights at the park was trying to get a stick out of a tree. It was quite the effort. I don't know why they don't find sticks in our backyard as fascinating as they do everywhere else in the world. But they did finally prevail!
 See what I mean about me and my lame pictures?

 It was a really fun party. Josh loved it and that's what matters most! We even went like an hour over the time we thought we would and still felt it ended too early!

Josh's actual birthday fell on a Thursday. So he still had to go to school but I let him open 1 present before heading off.
 A fly shooting gun! He can't wait to try this thing out on an actual fly!
 We had to wait SOOO long for evening to come! We had fajitas for dinner (his favorite) then it was present time!

 One thing he asked for was a big fluffy pillow.
 He got some baseball batting gloves and tried to open all of his presents while wearing them. It adds a new twist to opening presents.
 Pie Face!!! We've already played it a few times and it's hilarious!
 Then we told Josh to cover his eyes for the big present. He was using Will's Mmmmm Mmmm burpy as a blindfold. William didn't like that at all!
 The big reveal!
 What the heck is all this stuff?
 It's all you need for you very own pet lizard!!!  Will's checking out the crickets.
 We went downstairs and got everything all set up.
 Josh read the "how to care for your lizard" information from cover to cover.
 Then we released the beast into his new habitat.
 You've gotta take care of the crickets too!

 All complete! We have added a lot more to the cage since the first night. Lots of sticks, rocks, plants, a heating lamp......this lizard is living in style. Josh named him "Magician" because he can turn from green to brown (but isn't a chameleon) He loves to climb, chill under the heating lamp, and Josh saw him catch a fly midair!

When we said it was time for cake Josh said, "I really don't need cake...I mean...I've got a lizard!!" It's safe to say that he loves it.
 But cake we did have. And it was delish.

 Happy birthday buddy! It's been the best 9 years!!!

Base to the ball

 Oh my goodness I love little baseball players! They are the cutest. Lucky for us we've been at the ballpark two nights a week for the past......many watch the Nationals in action. When they're not playing at Barnes park (in a life or death championship game) they are played at Gailey park which is a lot more laid back.

I like the games at Gailey park because the other kids can play in the volleyball pit while they're warming up in the background.

 Then it's game time!

 It's hard pressed to get good pitches with it being team pitch this year so most of the players walk the bases. Josh has made it home several times (but has yet to hit the ball).

 Kate and Will are always finding or making buddies at the games.

Josh has been doing really well this year and has some really awesome coaches and good kids on his team. It's been a great learning experience for him and he loves playing ball! And let's admit...he's the most handsome baseball player out there. Go Nationals!