Sunday, March 22, 2015

One last hurrah

Before we started the long journey home we thought we needed a little more time on the beach. So to Newport beach we went! It was another gorgeous day. 

 They have a big pier that we were able to go walk on and see all the fisherman.
 It was super crowded there too....
 Okay, I'm just kidding, but it was a lot more crowded than yesterday. There were also a lot of surfers there so that was fun to watch.

 We also found this cute little sea lion just chillin' out by the pier.


 You 'd think they'd get sick of this but I don't think you ever do. Playing on the beach is the best.

 Even though William wasn't "suited up" he still managed to squeak a little fun out.

Once we hit the road is when we officially stopped taking pictures on the trip. We made it to Vegas that night. After swimming in the pool at the hotel we drove around looking for a place to have dinner that didn't have a really long wait. It took us forever (since we were on the outskirts we didn't have many options). When we finally made it to Mimi's Cafe around 8pm they were taking so long to bring out the bread. William was starving to death so we finally consented to let him eat a sugar packet to tide him over until the bread came. It worked and he survived. Chalk that up to one more thing I swore I would never do....especially with my first child. The perks of being the 4th.....

The rest of the drive home was really uneventful. We made it in one piece. We didn't realize it at the time we planned the trip.... but we got home Saturday night, Sunday morning was daylight savings where you lose an hour. We were still functioning on California time so it felt like we were waking up at 5:30am to make it to 9:00 church. It was rough. Now back to life. Back to reality. Paradise was nice while it lasted.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Beachin' it

Thursday was our beach day. After going a hundred miles an hour at Disneyland we figured we needed a vacation. So Trav found this little beach and we thought we'd try it out for a while, then go to a bigger beach after lunch and see what beaches this place has to offer.

After taking some obscure road we walk around the bend to see this.....
 Okay, if this isn't what paradise looks like then I have no idea what does. It was this perfect little beach with rocks, tide pools, sand, a little river. I mean....come on!

 The kids loved playing in the waves.

 William didn't love the waves but he loved playing in the sand.
 The waves were just crashing against those rocks. It was amazing!!

 William did like the little river. That's how he got all wet.
 Josh and his buddy strolling on the beach....

 Somehow his face kept getting dirtier and dirtier....

 Look at that wave coming in...
 Of course a sandcastle had to be built!

 And yes, there was hardly anyone else there! 1 other family (in the background) and like 2 couples.

 Getting braver....

 He's much more brave with Josh's help.

 We ended up eating our lunches there and staying the entire day. A seagull even stole Will's granola bar. We had no need to go to another beach!

 But we're not too picky....
Aren't beach days the best?